5 Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Old Phone


Does it seem like ages since you’ve been using your old phone? It’s probably time to buy a new phone. One that you are proud to own! And admit it, who doesn’t want to stay updated with the latest technology! But, what about your old phone? We suggest you sell it. Storing it for a long time won’t do you any good.

Besides, there are many benefits of selling your old phone. One, it fetches you some money, which you can then use in buying your new phone. Second, it is put to some good use. A piece that is of little value to you might be of tremendous value to another person. Third, it is good for the environment. Imagine, if everyone starts selling their old phones, the demand for new phones will decrease, and hence their production.

Didn’t we just give you enough good reasons to sell your phone! Do remember, you can’t just go and sell your phone to anyone. There are many things that need to be done before handing over your phone to a stranger. Take a note of them so that you don’t find yourself in trouble later on. Let’s start!

Find A Right Buyer

The process of selling begins with finding a buyer. Some people choose to sell it to individuals, while some may prefer to upload their phone on a platform. Selling your phone to a company, like Gizmogo, can sometimes fetch you more money than selling to an individual.

Don’t sell your phone in a haste. Take your time to find the right buyer!

Backup Your Data

Memories are a beautiful part of our lives, and our phones, thankfully, have many beautiful moments captured in them. There is no way you can part with them. Your music, videos, work data, downloads, and other important documents are important too. Fortunately, it has become very easy to create a backup of all the important data.

If you have an android phone, you probably have automatic backup of your pictures and videos. You can save everything else to your Google account. iPhone users can create a backup on their iCloud accounts.

Remove Sim Card and Memory Card

It’s unlikely that you will forget this step, but we wouldn’t like to take a chance with that. Before giving away your phone, make sure you have unmounted your SIM card. These days, you don’t have a slot for an SD card, but in case it’s an old phone, make sure you remove your SD card too. Copy all the pictures and important files from your SD card.

Perform Factory Reset

This step is important to reset the phone back to its factory state. Performing a factory reset will remove everything from the device, including all data from the Sd card, in case your phone has one. The phone feels like it’s fresh out of the box.

Different phones may have different settings for a Factory Reset, but small research should be able to set you off.

Clean Your Mobile

Once you have made sure that the insides of your phone are clean, you should clean the outsides too. Scratches on the screen and dust on the sides of the phone significantly affect the price you get for your phone. You can have the screen guard changed and the back cover replaced or removed. Make sure your phone looks its best at the time of sale.

Selling your phone does not have to be a tiring process. A few steps and you are good to go. Finding the right buyer is the most critical of them all. Make sure you spend enough time on that. Good luck!

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