5 Things You Need to Know about Bird Flight Diverters


You may care about the continuous supply of electricity, but have you ever thought about the way through which electricity is transmitted? With more electricity demand, transmission lines are installed. They make a complex network in the air when the supply is overhead. This complex network of cables causes many environmental concerns, on such environmental concern is related to birds. Birds during flight cannot spot the wires and make contact with them. The live power line instantly kills them. It is one of the gravest concerns for the poor creatures. In order to minimize this risk, special tools have been designed: Bird flight diverters. The article will discuss bird flight diverters in detail.

What is a bird flight diverter? 

Bird flight diverters are special tools to keep the birds safe from striking the live transmission lines. As per a study, around 1 billion birds globally die each year lose their lives to these dangerous transmission lines. During night or day with low visibility or fog, wires are difficult to spot. The objective was to make the transmission wires visible to the avian species, helping them avoid contracting the wires. Keeping the avian species safe is our moral responsibility. So we can say that bird flight diverter is the way to keep lights on and birds safe.

The function of Bird flight diverters

Bird flight diverters play a key role in electric transmission lines. The primary function of bird flight diverters is to make the transmission line visible to the flying bird so that it can divert on time. Bird flight diverters help minimize the unnatural death of birds and ensure an uninterrupted supply of power.

Why are bird flight diverters important? 

It must have been clear from the function of bird flight diverters that why these small devices are helpful. Bird flight diverters are very effective in reducing bird mortality due to collision with the transmission lines. These collisions not only kill the bird but also disturbs the transmission of power. Moreover, it has also been observed that avian species make nests on the transmission lines, making it even more dangerous. Many birds such as Bald, great Indian bustard, Golden eagles, owl, and hawks have been electrocuted and died while perching on the transmission lines. The deaths of endangered species of birds make the issue even more serious. All these problems are solved by installing bird flight diverters. Bird flight diverters are highly reflective and bright in color, making them visible from a long distance.

Why are bird flight diverters important

How do bird flight diverters protect the birds? 

It has already been mentioned multiple times in this blog that bird flight diverters protect the birds. But you must be thinking, how exactly they do that? Well, the answer is straightforward, they make the wires visible. Bird flight diverters are made up of rigid high-impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors. So you can choose a specific color and shape based on the environment.

Henvcon bird flight diverters

It is your moral obligation to keep the avian species safe from all electrocution hazards. After all, the earth is not just our home. It is home to millions of other species, including birds. We should do everything in our control to keep biodiversity safe from unnatural hazards. If you are committed to saving avian species, then you must be looking for a manufacturer of bird flight diverters. The market is very saturated, but let me simplify it for you. It would help if you chose Henvcon as your number one choice to buy bird flight diverters. Henvcon power line bird diverter offers multiple benefits. Some of them are as follow:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly reflective
  • Easy to install
  • High strength
  • Positive grip

The advantages mentioned above of Bird flight diverters are enough to justify their importance.

Henvcon bird flight diverters

Why Henvcon? 

Henvcon is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power cables and other wire accessories. With years of experience, they manufacture the highest quality of bird diverters. Their products are trusted by thousands of clients from all around the world. You should contact them today, install bird flight diverters and contribute to the safety of bird species.


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