5 Things you should do to prevent a car accident


The holiday season is here, and everyone is on the road trying to get to their family, friends and vacation destination. It is, however, a season that often comes with a rise in road accidents. Maybe it’s the holiday air, or the rush to get to your destination, but reckless driving is higher during holiday seasons.

With that said, accidents are not a welcome guest at the vacation table; therefore, it is essential that you drive safe to protect not just you and your family but the other person’s family as well. Accident prevention is possible although accidents are not pre-planned.

The devastation and sometimes frustration that comes from an accident, no matter how minor can change your life in ways you never imagined. Suffice to say that everyone on the road does want to get to where they’re going.

So, the question is, how do you prevent a car accident? Well, here is how.

1. Make sure the vehicle is roadworthy

Here is the first place to start. Don’t just pack up in an old vehicle with parts falling apart and get on the road. A poorly maintained car is a threat to everyone on the same highway as you. Therefore, ensure that your car gets regular maintenance and that everything is in perfect working condition.

2. The driver should be in excellent condition

Driving under the influence, exhaustion and emotional are some of the reasons why you should stay away from the wheel. These are all factors that take precedence in your brain functions, and you end up distracted.

Besides, the driver should also have good eyesight, and be in good health. An alert driver will have a better and faster reaction time than one who’s not.

3. Keep away from the fast lane

Most accidents are avoidable if people took their time. Being in a rush on the road is not recommended. Despite the presence of the fast lane, try to stick to center lanes or other lanes if you’re on a highway because it gives you easy escape routes.

4. Lookout for other drivers

When you’re driving, you need to get in the minds of the people driving around you. For instance, you need to read an oncoming driver to give yourself time to react if they start swaying.

The condition of a person’s car is an excellent tell since most reckless drivers won’t maintain their vehicles. They’ll have dents, scratches and you’ll see their terrible driving from far.

5. Install accident avoidance devices

There is technology today that enables your time driving to be a lot smoother. These include tools like built-in rear-camera which help you during parking. They also assist you to keep an eye on what the drivers behind you are up to as well as their driving skills.


Get to your destination in one piece by respecting all road safety regulations. It is also up to you to protect yourself and your family from accidents.

Ensure that you employ all possible accident avoidance techniques available like this car safety guide from Law Firm Greenberg, Walden & Grossman.

Take your eye exams regularly, manage your road rage, do away with all in-car distractions and stick to the speed limits. These things give you a higher chance of surviving an accident and avoiding them all together.

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