5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss When You’re in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand has grown to become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists travel to this exotic land every year, with promises of dazzling cultural spectacles, unique food and an overall unforgettable experience. But with the sheer number of things to do and sights to see, making an itinerary is not a simple task. And it’s why we are here to help.

Here’s 5 things you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Bangkok.

1.  The Grand Palace

Bangkok is known for its many stunning temples, but none more so than its world-famous Grand Palace, situated right in the heart of the city. The Grand Palace officially serves as the residence of the King of Thailand, although the current king prefers somewhere else. On the grounds of the Grand Palace is the Wat Phra Kaew. This temple holds the famous Emerald Buddha (a small statue of Buddha made from a single block of jade), and is considered the most important Buddhist temple in all of Thailand. This is one tourist attraction not to miss,

2. Chinatown

Bangkok has its own Chinatown, and it’s a marvelous place that you must visit if you’re making the trip down there. With its many tight alleyways and rough paths, it’s a bit less developed than the rest of Bangkok, so you’re a lot less likely to find English speakers or comfortable boutiques. However, what you will find is plenty of authentic food stalls and colorful shops selling everything from electronics to gold and fabrics. You will also find plenty of small temples, shrines and old houses. It is a real window into Thai culture and well worth the visit.

3. Khao San Road

An tourist hotspot with plenty of hotels, hostels and budget apartments, one that Airport Transfer Bangkok is quite familiar with due to the high number of tourists who choose to stay in this area. During the daytime, this area is filled with markets and is a pleasant place to take a walk and browse, but at night is what really sets it apart. Parties and parties and more parties! Prepare for a night of unforgettable fun at Khao San Road.

4. The Khlongs of Thonburi

Only small riverboats or speed boats can navigate through the narrow khlongs of the Thonburi region. Khlong Mon gives you a unique insight on the poorer and less developed Bangkok, although it is very much worth seeing. Khlong Bangkok Noi is another highlight of Thonburi, although it is wider than Khlong Mon. You will see larger temples and houses and factories along the banks. The boat ride can be a nice change of pace, although be sure to agree on a price beforehand.

5. Rooftop Bar

The Bangkok skyline is truly something to behold, and what better way to appreciate it than from a hotel rooftop bar. Take in all the glittering lights and sounds of the city, watch the sunset and see where the night takes you.

A world of wonder awaits

It’s unfair to limit Bangkok’s attractions to only five, so if your schedule allows for it, you are heavily encouraged to spend more time and research more of Bangkok’s attractions. You will be most surprised and will thank yourself for it.