5 Tips for Finding the Right Footwear


Finding the apt shoes for your feet is a make-or-break decision. You’ll either keep off foot problems or have the potential to develop them, with the appropriate or inappropriate choices of shoes made, respectively. So? Apart from sorting shoes by the basis of their performance and/or fashion, their comfortability is also key (and this is for your health). Read on pals…

When the time to go shoe shopping arrives, you need to keep it in mind that the best shoes means the best health for your feet. The opposite holds. Remember, we often are on our feet all day long so they need great care. To help you in selecting the premier shoes, I’ve got a list of 5 godsend tips to give you the guide you need. Kindly pore over the whole text. You’ll find me later just to say thanks.

1. Measure Your feet, Not Shoes

There’s a common axiom that the size, number of a shoe alone is sufficient to determine whether or not it will fit you. Unlearn this. It’s wrong. If you hadn’t known, shoe sizes aren’t the same from one company to another. Measuring your feet will be the best move in this case and it can be done in different forms.

Make sure that you determine your bigger leg of the two! You’ve always thought that they’re always equal in size? No! So, get a size that fits the larger foot. In fact, it shouldn’t just fit the foot exactly in size, but leave an allowance of at least an inch for your foot to “breathe”.

Remember to stand when measuring your foot. Someone else should actually do the measuring for you while you are standing. This way, you are distributing your weight over the foot so that it spreads evenly for the nest measurements.

2. Take A Trace Of Your Foot With You To The Shop

The trace of your foot simply means a sketch of your foot’s shape. What does this help with? I hear you ask. Keep reading…

Once you get to the shop, you’ll be sampling shoes using the trace. You take a shoe which you think looks beautiful, put it against/on top of the tracing to see whether it matches, then sort it, for example, in terms of ” valid” and “invalid”. If it appears to be shorter or even narrower than you’re tracing, it will be deemed ” invalid” as in the example above.

From here, you can choose again the best of the best.

3. Inspect The Soles

Tommy Barnes from WorkersShop.com.au explains it pretty well that the right footwear can protect your feet from serious injury in a construction zone. The Australia-based company is a specialist supplier of a myriad collection of: safety footwear, PPE, Protective Workwear Clothing, and more. With 25 years of experience, it’s the best supplier in Perth!

Nevertheless, it is obvious that most injuries to the foot happen from the lower part that’s protected by the sole. After all, don’t we wear shoes to prevent our feet from an injury? We do!

Examine if the soles are strong enough to overcome the effect of thorns and other sharp objects into your feet. Also, inspect the material. Is it the type that lasts? Does the sole provide some comfort as you walk around on different grounds? A good shoe seller will let you walk around to feel that.

4. Always Shop For Shoes After The Noon Hour

You must be asking yourself why. The reason is rather… biological. Your feet always expand as the day gets older. Later in the day, at around 1400 hrs, your feet are slightly bigger. This is the right time to purchase your shoes.

Otherwise, if you buy shoes that fits your feet early in the morning, when your feet are smaller, they are likely to end up being tighter in the afternoon. That’s exactly what I want you to evade!

5. Put On The Right Socks!

At the time of testing for fitness, you should put on the type of socks you will always use for those shoes. There’s a reason for this. Thick socks affects fitness by a very great deal. If you test for fitness with slim socks but later use thick ones, the shoes won’t fit you well again.

This Is A FREE Advice…

You always need an ample time for a shoe selection event. Do not be in a hurry then start complaining about poor quality later. Use the good time you have, properly. Take this to the bank: Shoes with ostensibly dangerous high heels (especially more than 1.5 inches) can lead to serious health problems. Last, but not least, if you can’t find your size in the shops, kindly visit the personalized shoe-fitting stores.

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