5 Tips for Making Picture Videos With Music for Special Occasions


Have you ever watched a video without any music? It probably wasn’t very enjoyable, right? As if something were missing from the equation, and the video was incomplete.

Video and audio were meant to go hand in hand. Regardless of whether the video is a simple PowerPoint presentation or a high-quality movie for the big screen, a strong audio is bound to make the visuals even better.

That said, making picture videos with music can be a bit difficult if you don’t know how to do it properly. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn how. This article will give you pointers on adding the proper audio to your video, regardless of what event you plan on using it for. Click here to find out more!

The First Step to Making Picture Videos With Music: Ask Questions

Before you get started on making any video, you need to find out more about the person, place or thing in question. Talk to your clients about the video to create a layout for your project.

If the video is about a person, you can find out what type of music they were into. If it is about a place or event, find out what happens there and what sorts of tracks the audience would listen to. Afterward, base your soundtrack around these answers.

Add in Meaningful Items to the Video

Some families may not have a lot of pictures of the loved one in question; others may have too many. In either case, it’s a good idea to spread out the number of pictures on the video and add in some extra pictures that describe the person as well.

For example, if the person in mind used to like playing and watching hockey, add a picture of some of their favorite hockey players to the presentation to give your video more depth and further explain that person’s life.

Sometimes Smaller is Better

Many amateur video producers believe that a lengthy video is the best thing. In many cases, this is not what you want.

Even if your customers request to have a lot of pictures displayed, you’ll need to realize that smaller is better. Not only does this keep from boring the viewers, but it adds crispness and cleanliness to the video as a whole.

If you need further help with the video-making process, there are some sites you can go to covert photos to video and have a professional result. Make sure to give them a try so you can be prepared to present at any occasion!

We’ve Got the Know-How

Knowing about making picture videos with music is only the beginning of what there is to know. We can help you to learn and be ready for anything else that comes your way.

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