5 Tips for Under Desk Wire Management


Not everything can be wireless (and we wouldn’t want it to be all the time). For people such as gamers, those who continuously use mobile devices and need to charge them a lot, and those who have computers and are on them a lot, it’s important to have some sort of cable management system in place, whether it’s DIY solutions, or a product that you can purchase. Here’s a list of 5 of the best ways to utilize desk wire management. Also, you can prefer Flexible Conduits wires that are durable and strong.

The DIY Solution

From zip ties for cables, to creating your own “power supply cover” boxes, making your own “cable bone”, or even using silicone putty, you can literally make all your desk wire solutions yourself. However, there are also products that can help with this.

The Purchased Product Option
There’s nothing wrong with buying the products, especially if it means you can cut your time in half. And everything here is totally worth the price.

1. Cable Corral

The cable corrals made by Tech Desk offer a convenient way to hang your cables neatly underneath your desk. They’re perfect for getting power strips, routers, and cable off of your floor or out of visible range. There are multiple under desk cable management products to choose from in order to hang your wired accessories (and their cables) either vertically or horizontally. This way, you can have the ease of being able to access them when you need to, but you don’t have to deal with all of the clutter being visible and unorganized.

2. BlueLounge Cablebox and the Cablebox Mini

These products are a cool tool for hiding your power supply box from unwanting eyes. It’s commonly used with MacBooks and Mac related products because of the variety of colors and the style of the box.

3. Reusable and Releasable Zip Ties

When it comes to zip ties, yes, you can use basic ones, but there are products that can be found for those on a budget in order to keep your cables at bay. These zip ties are releasable and reuseable so you can move them as you need to.  This can be especially helpful with a Laptop Stand.

4. Cable Sleeves

Cables sleeves come in all styles, from zippable cable covers that wrap around your cord, to Velcro style, and just plain cloth sleeves. This is a great way to keep uniformity around your desk space by having a solid color for cables, rather than having a bunch of varying ones.

Our Conclusion

By using the various products that were mentioned above, even if you decide to do it yourself, you can have a clutter free work space, desk, or even tabletop for your needs. And most importantly, the Cable Corral and similar products can help you reduce space taken up by all of your cables, power supplies, routers, and more. You can use it with or without other products, and thus, you can make your area look professional no matter what. These aren’t the only solutions, but some of the best solutions out there. While there may be other ways to do things, you usually get what you pay for and don’t get the quality you deserve like you do with some of these products desk wire management options.

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