5 Tips On Buying Gun Safes


Whether you have kept guns for sport or to keep your household and family safe, it is important to store them safely. Otherwise, anyone in the house, particularly children, might stumble upon them and cause a fatal or life-threatening accident.

Plus, things can prove to be even more dangerous if someone breaks into your house and grabs hold of your firearms. You can invest in a proper and secure gun safe to keep your weapons safe. This article covers five tips that you should keep in mind while buying a gun safe.

1. List Down Everything You Need to Keep Inside It

Firstly, you need to determine all the items that you will keep inside your gun safe. Most people have multiple guns and weapons that they need to store safely, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, ammunition, and much more.

The more things you need to store, the bigger the safe you will need. Plus, you will also need additional security features and locks if you have more weapons to store.

For instance, if you have a couple of handguns, you can easily store them in a small and compact gun safe. However, if you have a combination of rifles, shotguns, and larger weapons, you will need a much larger gun safe.

2. Learn About the State Laws for Gun Safes

Another thing to keep in mind is the state laws and policies pertaining to gun storage so that you can buy the right gun safely and also fulfill the legal requirements. Several states are quite strict about the type of gun safe you can keep in your home, and they have certain standards according to which the safes must be constructed.

Due to this reason, you should look for gun safes that pass the state’s requirements and guidelines so that you don’t land in any kind of trouble. Moreover, it will protect you from any hazardous or untoward incident that can hamper the safety of you and your family.

3. Factor in the Weight and Construction of the Gun Safe

Moving on, you also need to consider the weight of the gun safe you are looking to buy, as it is a good indicator of how sturdy and well-built the safe is. If the safe is heavier, you can be assured that it is made from high-quality steel or similar materials.

Moreover, the construction of the gun safe should be such that it can’t be easily broken into or penetrated by a burglar, even if they use heavy power tools to penetrate it.

Therefore, you should note the overall weight and construction of the gun safe so that you can prevent it from being broken into or even carried away easily. Moreover, there is no chance of someone accidentally opening the safe when all of its locks are activated.

Apart from this, the size of the safe also comes into play. If you are looking to have it installed inside a console or on the wall, you will need to measure the space that you have.

4. Consider the Locking Mechanism

After you have factored in the size, storage capacity, and construction of the gun safe that you are looking to buy, the next most important thing is the locking mechanism, which makes or breaks any safe.

There are different types of locks that you can find on a gun safe. For instance, you have key lock safes, digital locking safes, biometric gun safes, etc. Then, there are more advanced locking systems and combinations, which can destroy any device trying to hack into the safe’s digital lock.

The best way to go about it is to get a key lock, as it is much more reliable. However, you can also get a digital or keypad lock, but make sure it also accepts keys as a secondary option.

5. Find the Best Place for Your Gun Safe

Lastly, you will have to consider where you want to place your gun safe inside the house. While most people tend to keep them in the study or basement, where most people don’t go, others tend to hide them in plain sight or conceal them in a way that they can be accessed only when necessary. If your safe is properly concealed, no one in the household will be able to stumble upon it accidentally.

Moreover, even if burglars break into your home, they won’t be able to find the gun safe. If you have followed all the above tips correctly, they won’t be able to break into the safe, even if they find it while searching the house.


This concludes our guide on buying gun safes. If you follow these helpful tips carefully, you will be able to find a high-quality, durable, and impenetrable gun safe to protect all your weapons, as well as other valuables. It would also make your house much safer.


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