5 Tips on How to Select Auto Insurance That’s Right for You


According to experts, the average cost of car insurance is around $1,566 per year. However, factors such as location, age, marital status, and even credit score can cause this number to fluctuate. You may think it’s difficult to select auto insurance that fits your needs and budget, but that’s far from the truth.

You can find the right auto insurance policy if you learn what you should look for to make an informed decision. Don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 tips you should consider when buying automobile insurance.

1. Do Your Auto Insurance 101 Homework

The first step to choose the best coverage to protect your car is learning as much as you can about automobile insurance types. Depending on your state requirements, your policy may need to include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Yet, you may also consider additional protection such as comprehensive coverage to take care of damages from fires, vandalism, theft, among other situations.

2. Compare Several Insurance Carriers

It may be easy to choose the insurance carrier your friend uses or you saw on tv. However, this approach isn’t the best way to obtain the best auto insurance coverage.  Its much better to compare car insurance

Consider searching online for several insurance carriers and compare their ratings. Take a look at customer reviews to learn what to expect from your coverage.  Also be sure to get quotes for your area such as these Auto insurance quotes in Ottawa.

3. Check Your Insurance Rates Every Year

While you may have secured a great rate last year, you shouldn’t renew your policy without shopping around. Make sure to compare your renewal quote to your rate from last year.

You should also contact several insurance carriers and request quotes. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to your insurer and ask for a new rate to stay as a client.

4. Get the Right Deductible

A lower deductible can make it easier to get your car fixed after a traffic accident, but it can skyrocket the cost of your policy. Remember your insurance deductible is the amount you’ll pay in a claim before your insurance covers your damages.

You may be able to secure an affordable premium and low deductible if you possess a good driving record and credit score. When you contact an insurer, make sure to ask for several quotes with different deductibles so you can compare the ultimate cost.

5. Ask Your Insurer About Any Available Discounts

If you’re considered a lower risk driver, you may be eligible for additional discounts. When you request your quotes, you should ask their representatives for any discounts their company offers. Sometimes you may be eligible for more discounts if you take a driver-training course or bundle your car and home insurance policies.

Can You Select Auto Insurance That’s Right for You?

Believe it or not, you can select auto insurance that’s right for you if you follow our tips. The key to making an informed decision is not settling for the first option you find. Consider shopping around even if you have a preferred insurance carrier.

Maintaining your credit score, reporting reduced yearly mileage, and choosing a safe car are ways to lower your auto insurance cost. If you’re unsure about the best coverage for your car, you may consider consulting an insurance agent. An expert can provide insight into the best auto insurance policy to protect yourself without breaking the bank.

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