5 Tips to be a Better Gamer


Video games are everywhere these days, so it’s hardly surprising that 36% of the global population consider themselves to be gamers. With so many players battling it out online, competition has become fierce. This competitiveness has even seen rise to major esports tournaments with huge cash prizes. Call of Duty is perhaps the best example of a franchise with a highly competitive player base.

With such high levels of competition, you probably want to get better – especially if you play competitively with your friends or online in ranked lobbies. So, if this is true, here are 5 top tips to be a better gamer in 2022:

1. Try Different Genres

On your journey of improvement, the best way to develop a range of skills is by trying different genres of games.

What were once relatively marginal genres have recently skyrocketed in popularity. ‘Battle Royale’ games are the latest hot trend, and the online gambling scene has become incredibly popular, too. The key to developing a well-rounded repertoire is to try games that you’ve not previously played before. Doing this will help to broaden your skills and perhaps discover new interests along the way.

2. Upgrade Your Setup

Here’s an interesting observation: you can’t be a true gamer unless you have a gaming setup.

Take Ninja, the popular battle royale streamer, for example. He has two amazing setups in his separate homes.

Of course, your setup doesn’t have to be as large or extravagant as Ninja’s. However, providing you have a reasonable budget to work with, you can still create your own impressive setup.

What should you include? Let’s do a quick rundown:

  • A spacious desk
  • A comfortable gaming chair
  • A smart monitor
  • Speakers or headphones for a more immersive sound
  • A mini refrigerator to store your drinks whilst gaming

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room in the house, you should use this to create your gaming setup. If not, you’ll need to use your bedroom or another space.

3. Subscribe to Twitch Channels

Twitch is a great platform for learning new skills and becoming a much better gamer. This is because Twitch is home to some of the world’s most talented and popular content streamers. No matter which games you play, you can find people on Twitch who stream them. For example, if you like FIFA, streamers like NepentheZ and Edwin Castro are excellent players to learn from. Plus, if you become a member of their channels, you can even ask them questions mid-stream regarding specific topics, such as how to win more games during the FUT Weekend League.

4. Start Gaming on your Smartphone

During a typical week, you might spend quite a bit of time outside of your home; from travelling to work to doing the shopping. When this is the case, you can use any spare time you have in-between to game on your smartphone. This will help to keep your gaming skills up-to-scratch when you’re not with your PC or console at home. Remember, most mainstream franchises, like Call of Duty, offer mobile versions of their products through the iOS and Android app stores (some of which can be downloaded for free).

5. Finally, Dedicate More Time to Gaming

Like with anything in life, practice makes perfect. This is why you need to dedicate as much time as you can to gaming. For most people, time for gaming is usually found during weekday evenings and at the weekends. This is more than enough opportunity to develop as even just a couple of hours a day is enough to improve your ability and climb up the rankings.


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