5 Tips to caring for your kittens

Adopting a kitten for your pet requires more than just patting, cuddling and feeling their soft fur. Kittens need to be well taken care of to maintain them and ensure that they are healthy, strong and grow up to be good pets.

However, most kitten owners do not know where to start once the kittens get to their homes. You have to work on the most essential things to start on the right foot from the first day. This will determine how happy and healthy your kittens will be. Use the below tips to figure out how to properly care for them.

Have a feeding routine

Create a meal plan and have a feeding schedule of at least three times a day set so that your kittens never go hungry. Shop for quality, kitten food which is high in protein such as boneless fish or raw meat and liver. Depending on the age, you can start with light foods as you change to foods with higher calories as they grow. In case you are not sure about the right foods, consult a good vet.

Give them fresh water

Similar to any other animal, kittens also need to take in enough water. Although cats love drinking cow milk, very small kittens can react to the milk and have tummy aches when they take cow milk. This is because the lactose in cow’s milk isn’t properly digested. Have a shallow sized bowl with clean water every time set up for your kittens. Throw away any dirty water and refill it to ensure that the water is clean and safe.

Create a comfortable environment

Always ensure that you have a place set up for your kittens before you bring them into your home. Have a properly made cat bed which is comfortable and warm. Cat beds are available in pet stores where you can pick on your preferred color and size.

Get the best washable pet beds and mats for cats for your pet. Other important items such as their feeding bowls, litter box, and water dishes should also be ready. During their stay, play around with them to bond more. You can also place a string or toys for them to play with. This keeps them in a healthy and happy state.

Take them for a checkup

Even while feeding them and playing around with them, your kittens’ needs to be regularly checked by a vet to see if they are healthy. Before bringing them into your home, have them vaccinated and then afterward take them for revaccinations. Consult your vet and find out if your kitten might need any core vaccines. A checkup also maintains your kitten’s well-being in the event that he is hurt

Spay them

Most kittens’ especially female kittens can develop health conditions such as uterine infections if not neutered. Male kittens, on the other hand, are prevented from developing testicular cancer. Spaying your kitten prevents them from getting pregnant or health complications as they grow. This should be done for kittens that are at the age of six months, although it is best to take them to your pet for more recommendations.

Do not just adopt a kitten and leave it. Kittens from the age of 1 to 12 months can easily become ill, so always monitor their health and growth regularly.