5 Tips to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Rooms


Choosing the right curtains for your rooms is as important as choosing any other crucial components of a home. Curtains play a crucial role in setting the tone for a room. When shopping for curtains, you will come across a myriad of options. These include everything from ornamental and substantial to breezy and light, from prints to solid colours, and from heavy opaque fabrics to nets.

With so many options available at a homestore like Guineys.ie, you might find it difficult to make the right choices. Following the tips below can help you to beat the confusion.

1. Choose the Right Material

Modern-day home décor stores sell curtains made from a wide variety of fabric. You will get pieces made with lightweight cotton, sheer laces, heavy velvets, moderately heavy brocades, and more. The two factors you must consider when making your pick are:

  • The amount of sunlight you need in your room
  • The décor and mood of the room

If you want your rooms to remain well-lit with natural light during the daytime, go for light-coloured net curtains. Similarly, to give your room a traditional appearance, pick curtains crafted out of heavy or moderately heavy fabrics.

2. Be Extremely Picky about the Colour of Your Curtains

The colour of your curtains must compliment the other components of your room’s interior (the furnishings, wall paint, etc.). Depending on your preferences, you can either go for drapes matching the furnishings or choose contrasting shades.

If you are looking to give your interiors a pleasing appearance, you should choose curtain colours matching the colour of your walls. On the other hand, if you have big rooms and want your curtains to be the focus, go for shades that create a contrast with the walls and furniture.

3. Know What Will Look Better in Your Rooms, Solids, or Prints

Take a good look at your room. If there are too many solid-coloured items in the room, consider breaking the monotony with printed or patterned curtains. This should be the way to go particularly if all the remaining soft furnishings are in solid colours.

Prints will help you in adding visual weight to parts of the room you want to highlight. If your rooms have a contemporary design, patterned pieces will look best in them. Go for florals if you are a fan of more traditional and classic décor.

4. Choose Between Unlined and Lined Curtains

If you are buying curtains for windows that get direct sunlight, go for lined curtains. Having curtains with protective linings will ensure that you will not get flooded with light when you are looking for some cosy time. You can also consider having two layers of curtains, one opaque and one sheer. This will provide you with the flexibility of choosing how much light and privacy you need at a given time.

5. Do Consider the Maintenance Factor When Deciding on Fabric

Most of us forget that our job doesn’t end with installing attractive, high-quality curtains. We also need to clean them regularly for the pieces to last long.

The fabric used for making a curtain would decide how often it must be cleaned and what should be the cleaning procedure you should adopt. Ideally, you should wash/clean all your drapes and curtains once in every three to six months. However, However, certain fabrics demand more care.

If you are not ready to put too much effort or money for cleaning your curtains and want to wash them only twice every year, pick pieced crafted out of synthetic fabrics or cotton. Lined curtains made with these materials should be hand-washed, while the unlined ones can be machine-washed.

If you get curtains made out of sold, sheer, or wool, you will have to clean them 3 to 4 times every year. Ideally, they should be sent for dry cleaning.

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