5 Tips to choosing the best type of toilet


It would be quite abnormal if one day you woke up and thought, “It is time I bought a new toilet type for my bathroom.” That is what most people would do, right?

For the best Saniflo toilet type, it is proper that you research, ask for recommendations from friends,

interior design experts -name it. The process could turn out to be long, but the truth is, it is beneficial.

Before you decide that you are going to purchase a particular toilet type, here are some tips to assist you in getting the best one.

1. Does it conserve water?

Conventional toilet types depend on the density of water to gain its flushing power. That means that the bowl has to have enough water for it to flush everything within the basin.

Because we are in a time when inflation is the order of the day, you could do yourself a big favor if you can reduce your water bills.

Therefore, consider a toilet design that consumes at least 1.6 gallons of water at the least.

2. Consider the height

Your toilet height is very crucial. If the toilet seat is way below the standard, it could bring significant pain to your spine and backbone.

When selecting, ensure that the height is proper for everyone, especially adults. If you have a children institution, then buy the small type if you are sure that no adults will be using those toilets.

For the standard adult height, install steps. It will make it easy for children to reach to the seat.

3. Consider your space

If you checked with your designer, you are sure that he or she told you that it is crucial that you select a bowl that suits your indoor aesthetics.

For instance, if you have a small space, then it would be cool if you select the wall type unit. The wall type saves on space, especially the ones that have no tanks.

When considering what to purchase, be sure to review several to prevent going for low-quality types. You can visit homeworthylist.com for details.

4. The technology used to make the unit

Nobody thought that toilets would improve in terms of the technology that manufacturers use to invent them.

Since there are many technologies involved, it is proper that you examine the texture and its durability. You can find some low qualities, which develop mold on its surfaces.

Besides that, consider the flushing mechanism. Such technologies would also come in handy during resell because it could increase the value of your home.

5. Ease of cleaning

We live in a world where we are all busy. You have to wake up early and sleep late because of the numerous responsibilities.

Tidying it can be one difficult chore if you purchase one takes time to deal with dirt and stains.

If you select an easy-to-clean type, you are sure that you will be lessening your chores by one.


Regardless of the number of recommendations that you get from various experts, it is proper that you take your time when selecting the most appropriate unit. It can decrease the stress

it brings when the one you have turns out to be a nuisance.

Additionally, installing the toilet is not easy. Professional installation can assist in reducing any leaking instance, which would mean that you have to dismantle it and start again.

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