5 Tips to Finding the Best Granite Fabricators


Are you looking to renovate your kitchen and bathrooms, or are you in the process of building your house? Finding granite fabricators in Maryland is relatively easy; you can get recommendations from your contractors and even find a million others in your local; area and on the internet.

However, finding a good one is not that easy—the definition of a “good one,” in this case, maybe different for different people. The end goal is still the same; to find a trusted and credible professional equipped with sufficient know-how, qualifications, and experience. Here are some tips to finding the best one;

Know Your Requirements

The first step to finding anything, especially if it is about construction, is to understand your requirements well. Where are you looking to install the granite countertops, your kitchen, or your bathroom? What style do you want, what colours and patterns, do you have any specific design in mind?

This will set the basis for the rest of the research. Knowing what your requirements are precise will allow you to understand who exactly you are looking for. This will save you the time and energy you might have otherwise used to determine how to pick one.

Find Local Installers

This is also a great way to find a good granite fabricator. Research your neighbourhood and make a list of at least five fabricators. There are many different ways you can compile this list. You can start by asking your neighbours, friends who live near your house, or even colleagues at work.

You can also check out the local stone warehouse and inquire or get recommendations too. This doesn’t mean you should immediately settle on the first recommendation you get. The purpose of compiling a list of five is to get you started with your research. It is also great because you are getting recommendations from people you know.

Make Calls from the List and Schedule Interviews

If you already have some names in your hand, it is time you schedule meetings with them, either virtually or personally, and interview them. You want to find the one that will most suit your needs. In this phase, you need to ask all questions or concerns.

This is where you determine how long they have been in the industry, their credentials, qualifications, experience and expertise, licenses and insurance, their portfolios, online or offline; if they could help you choose the suitable slabs, ask about prices and costs.

Check Portfolio and Online Reviews

A great, reputable granite fabricator will always have something solid to show. If they have been in the industry for a long time, they probably have a good portfolio and several online reviews. Check out their jobs on their portfolio. Some may even have places to take you so you can see what they can do.

Read what other past clients are saying about them. Always go for the one with many and great reviews. If the only reviews you find are questionable, mark that as a red flag and move on to the next. But one or two negative statements in an ocean of great reviews should not make you change your mind about working with them.




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