5 Tips to Hire the Perfect Moving Company


Looking for a new apartment and planning your move, is a fun experience. But the process of moving in itself is a little daunting. The reason being there is just a lot involved, decluttering, packing, disassembling and assembling, loading on the truck, unloading, unpacking, and organizing things. It just feels like unending tasks.

Looking for Yakima movers or a moving company is well another not-so-easy task. there are phone calls to be made, questions to ask, requests to make, meetings to be held (whether virtually or physically), and more.

You can always find a million movers both online and offline. But choosing one good mover that would fit your requirements is quite a task. Here are 5 ways to hire the perfect movers St George Utah;

1. Know your Requirements

One of the steps a lot of people skip is assessing their houses, listing their items, and knowing what their requirements are; this could include things like how many items do you have, what kind of items do you have, do they need special care? What kind of services would you need?

If you are not sure what your requirements are, you will end up not having enough boxes to pack your things, or paying extra for services you don’t need. Knowing what exactly you need is the basic step to the whole process. Get to know what you are working with first.

2. Know the Right Questions to Ask

So now like a hundred companies have already been recommended to you: One by your sister who moved out last month, another by your new colleague who moved into the city from another state, and another one by your friend who heard about this cheap company.

You have also done your own research on Google and have your own list. How do you filter all these companies to the one that will best suit you? Know the right questions to ask. They also must be able to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

3. Quality of Service over Price

Moving is costly and yes, you want to save some money in the process. Any company that sounds cheaper than others at this moment will sound like the best choice. But you have to make sure to be in the right space and not make choices by emotions.

Remember, “Cheap is expensive”, not always but when a deal sounds too good, try to dig why. There are other more important things than price like experience, qualifications, specialization (some movers are only long-distance, others are only local, and others are a specialty), and more. Safety of your belongings is more important than any price.

4. Experience is Key

Certifications and papers are great. But true qualification comes from experience. Check out the track record of the company; when they got started, how long they have been in the industry, what type of moving they are experienced in, what their clients are, and such.

This will allow you to rest easy knowing that you have experts and experienced professionals who will make sure your belongings are safely transported from your current location to the next. You don’t want accidents and losses from careless movers who only care about getting the job done and not handling your items with care.

5. The Customer Service

When most people are looking for movers, most of the time they only care about the price, the experience, and qualifications, but nothing to do with customer service. And most people don’t even notice if the service is right or not.

From the moment you make that first phone call or send that first email, you should be able to feel warm customer service. Responding fast is one of the signs of good customer service.

Communication is the basis of good customer service. Even if they have a long time in waiting, they must communicate the situation and give you an appointment, if need be, not keeping you waiting long at the lobby. Good choice of words, great time management, and how they talk to you all amount to good customer service.

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