5 Tips to Increase Sales of your Self Storage Business


Self-storage is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world, especially after the pandemic. It may be a thriving sector, but you will still have to work hard to succeed. The first and foremost thing to do is create a successful advertising plan. 

This can help convince your potential customers that they should rent from you only. Self-storage units are used by countless people either for moving or storage purposes. It can act as extra space for anyone’s use. The top self-storage companies have increased the competition present in the industry. 

However, this can make it difficult to meet new clients and get more sales while still meeting the needs of current ones. The best self-storage companies need to be upgraded regularly to keep up with the competition. 

There are a lot of things you can do to help increase your sales and overall conversions. For example, upgrading your features, a new marketing plan, tracking data, etc. We have mentioned 5 such tips to inspire you.

Referral programs: 

Satisfied customers will help you get more referrals, which will act as a source of new leads. These leads will then turn into sales. One of the nicest things about starting a referral program is how little it will cost you.  This is because you can just offer a discount on rent in exchange for a referral.

You should ask for a referral after a customer chooses to buy something or rent a self-storage facility. In addition to a discount, you could offer gift cards and product bundles as well. You want your incentives to attract a large number of new leads, but you also don’t want to give the referrer too much of an advantage.  


A mutually beneficial partnership will help a self-storage facility advertise more effectively and get more sales. Such partnerships can be with a store, a moving and packing company, etc. One further way in which mutually beneficial collaborations help businesses succeed is by introducing them to potential customers who may otherwise have never heard of them or their services. 

One of the things you can do to further this partnership is to provide free coupons to all new clients. Your business partner will benefit from this, and you will benefit from the positive word of mouth it generates. 

Organized display:  

Customers won’t like it if they have to rummage through piles of packing materials or untidy racks. This would lead to a decrease in your sales. This is why having an organized and neat display is very important. 

Having a modern design will also help attract more customers. A self-storage facility acts as an extra personal space for people. So, people will want it to be clean and modern and customized to fit their personal tastes. 

Fortunately, there are low-cost and easy options to modernize your infrastructure. One place to start is by maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Customers can quickly and easily browse available products and make their selections. 

Product bundles:  

You are more likely to make sales if you also provide products. Selling products in many sizes of bundles can boost earnings even further. Some customers can be cautious to buy big quantities of boxes from storage facilities. So, it’s ideal if you sell bundles in different sizes. Like small to large sizes along with different packaging. 

Additionally, you can offer discounts on the initial purchase and tell them to participate in a ‘buyback program’. This would mean that the customers will bring back boxes in good condition along with their original receipts for you to compensate for a little less than full price. This trick can help all of the best self-storage companies.

Web design:  

It is now the era of the digital computer. This means the more convenient it is to see your business, the more business you’ll get. The main purpose of your self-storage facility’s website should be to generate leads. This can be in the form of online requests and in-person visits.

A website for a storage facility doesn’t require any special effects. Keep things simple so that readers may quickly discover the data they need. Make your location and contact information very clear. Another important aspect is to make your website accessible for mobiles. This is because leads will primarily come to you via mobile devices.   


Even the top self-storage companies can sometimes find it difficult to actually get sales from their prospective customers. We have created this list to help you with this exact problem. You may expect your company to grow and gain more profits if you implement each of these suggestions.  

By implementing these strategies and gaining a credible reputation, you can boost your business in more ways than you can count. These great sales tips will help your customers make a decision whenever they are confused about getting a storage facility. Even if you start by using one or two of these strategies, you’ll see an instant and noticeable increase in revenue.


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