5 Tips to maintaining your remote control truck

If you love racing trucks, then you should purchase a remote control truck; otherwise known as an RC truck. The market offers many options depending on your racing needs and use.

Consequently, buying an RC truck is somehow expensive. Whether you are purchasing it for you or your kids, the investment is massive, which means that you have to take care of it. Generally, most people spend up to 1,000 dollars to buy a new one.

The question that hits many hobbyists is how you maintain these trucks so that you can use them for a more extended period. Well, here are tips that you could use.

1. Know your vehicle

Because these trucks cost a lot of money, set some time to understand the car. By doing this, you will appreciate its strengths and its weaknesses.

Trust the user manual packaged with the truck. It will give you enough instruction on how to clean it, the best terrain to use it, the vehicle’s vital parts, and the speed. Be sure that you understand its weaknesses to keep you from using it in the wrong terrain.

For instance, if you use a carpet truck on rough terrain, it may destroy vital components.

2. Learn to clean it

Clean the trucks that you use on rocky grounds, especially. Not that you should ignore the other types, but these specific ones that run on uneven grounds need special attention.

Mud particles and dust can deteriorate the engine’s performance especially when the mud accumulates within the machine. Disassemble all the parts of the vehicle and use plain water to clean all the individual components.

Take more time cleaning the motor to ensure that it does not lower the vehicle’s speed.

3. Practice using it

Practice using it on the appropriate terrain as you learn about the strengths of the engine. Install the right wheels beforehand.

The best wheels will increase the truck’s performance, increase speed, and save you money by reducing wear and tear. Before you get on the track, cross check that everything is in the right place. You should also do the same after the race to notice any lost parts misplaced during a competitive race.

Learn to do appropriate jumps. For instance, accelerate in the air only when you know how
to do it.

4. Charge the battery

Ask any hobbyist: nothing is as shaming as your truck dying out in the middle of a competitive race. With that in mind, you should always charge it before you run it.

Before you even take it for a test run, ensure that the batteries at 100 percent charge. After you finish using it, discharge to increase its life. It is also advisable that you only charge when the power is at 0 percent.

Nonetheless, you do not have to wait for lithium polymer batteries to deplete charge completely.

5. Know your needs

It all draws down to knowing your needs when buying any product in the market. Before you select the best rc monster truck, understand your needs first.

After that, you have the freedom to research to get the best fit for your purpose. Consider the level of skill of the person controlling it. Suitably, do not go for expensive gadgets for beginners. Let them learn the art first, then consider buying machines with greater potential.

Be sure to give that car frequent rests. Electronic parts can overheat and destroy the vehicle’s functionality.