5 Tips to Selecting a Kitchen Faucet


Over the years, kitchen accessories have been improved. There is a broad range of designs that not only serve their purpose but also add a beautiful finishing to your kitchen. In the modern setup, a kitchen faucet is equivalent to a tap. It controls the flow of water in a sink to wash utensils, foods, and hands. The wide range of kitchen faucets makes it challenging for buyers to make the right decision. Whether you are purchasing a new faucet or upgrading the old one, you should consider various factors.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Ratings And Reviews

Conduct research online for companies offering the best of these appliances. You will get reviews of the best kitchen faucet that is affordable, durable, and appealing. This information is essential in differentiating the wide range of products available. You get to know which one will serve you for a long time at an affordable price. It helps to make an informative decision that is cost-effective alongside getting a quality faucet.  

2. Handles

Kitchen faucets can have one or two handles. The rotation direction for one handle faucet is used to control water temperatures. On the other hand, a two handle faucet is best if you want to mix cold and hot water. It means that one handle will control cold and the other hot water. The single handle faucets are common, easy to use and maintain and you can also consider a touchless kitchen faucet as well.

3. Spout Height And Reach

Faucet spout height and reach vary. A tall faucet spout will not be ideal if you have low shelves near the sink area. It will not fit. However, it is ideal if you have more than two bowls as it can extend. A short reach spout might cause a splash of water as you wash. Choosing the right spout height and reach is dependent on your sink area space.

4. Sprayers

You can opt for a faucet that has a sprayer or not. This feature is common in modern faucets. They are in-built dispensers. Faucets sprayers also come with either a pull-out or pull-down option. Alternatively, they are placed on the side from the spout. It is advisable to choose a faucet with a pull-down spray head. The quality of the spray head buttons is essential. Choose high quality to boost longevity. Choose sprayers within your budget but do not overlook the quality. Most people go for a single lever with an under mount sprayer.

5. Finishes And Material Used

The materials used to make the faucet vary among manufacturers. It is important to consider your style and longevity when choosing the right material. The commonly used include brushed nickel, plain nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, black, white, and stainless steel. It also affects your finishing and color. It is advisable to buy a soap dispenser and hand sprays from the same collection for a great finishing and match. Some buyers prefer buying from different manufacturers because of price variance. It is also a good option but ensure you get the same color for uniformity.

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