5 Tips to Styling Your Man’s Hair


If you are having difficulties styling your man’s hair, you may either be doing too little or too much. The reality is that hair typically responds to quality care. However, most men have bland, average hairstyles that do not make an impression, while others have flat out unpleasant cuts. Only a minority know how to properly style and take care of their hair for their benefit. Here are five easy tips to help you style your man’s hair.

1. Get a Blow Dryer

You may think that having a blow dryer will add another unnecessary step in your already overwhelming grooming routine, but that is a common misconception. Blow-drying for men is not only just the best way of ensuring your hair is dry, but it lays an excellent foundation for styling. If you are using hair paste and other styling products, then these products are only going to style your hair efficiently when it is totally dry. Using the best quality mens hair dryer is a great grooming investment since it is more efficient and is not harsh like towel drying. It also makes styling quick and straightforward.  Also consider quality professional cordless hair clippers as well.

2. Start with Small Amounts of Hair Product and Add Slowly

It is advisable to start with small amounts of hair product and then gradually work up to more quantities as needed. That is the better alternative to taking a huge chunk of wax or gel and then soaking it into your hair. It is one of the common beginner mistakes that men make when styling their hair. If you happen to overdo it when applying the product, you should immediately rinse your hair and then try again. The same applies to hairspray; you do not need to use too much of it, lest you become a fire hazard.

3. Nourish with Natural Treatments

Even as you style your hair so that you look great, you should also take care of the hair health. A raw egg shampoo wash works great for all types of hair, including regular, dry, and oily varieties. The yolk is fortified with fats and proteins, which makes it an excellent natural moisturizer, while the egg whites are filled with beneficial enzymes that help in removing unwanted oils. Plain yogurt also helps to add shine to hair and keep it moisturized.

4. Different Conditions Produce Varying Results

You should note how various products finish under varying conditions. For instance, if you use a specific pomade brand on wet hair, expect different effects when you apply it on dry hair. Most hair products also appear different after they dry up as compared to during application. It is critical to understand these different nuances as you will have better control over your styling needs once you know how products will appear in various hair conditions.

5. Always Wash Before Styling Your Hair

The first step to creating the perfect hairstyle is to ensure that it is clean. That is especially true every morning after waking up since your hair is usually at its greasiest point. Removing all of that grease, grime, and leftover hair products will enable the new style to work out more effectively.  Also don’t forget to make sure your mustache and beard are well styled as well.

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