5 Tips To Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box


Some cats do suffer from elimination disorders and this is one of the most common reasons why they are given up to pet shelters. Many pet owners also seek advice from veterinarians regarding issues with cat poop training. Although some kittens are able to use litter boxes instinctively while others do require some amount of training. So, if you own a cat and would want to be spared from the stress of cleaning your cat’s poop, better start the litter box training now. The following tips will prove to be very helpful.

1. Choose the perfect litter box

Make sure to select the perfect litter box so that it would be much easier to litter train your cat. It is best to choose litter boxes that have no smell and no visible poop, especially if your cat is a bit difficult to train. If the cat will not be able to see any poop and will not be able to smell any foul odor, chances are small that the cat will still be reluctant about using his litter box.

2. Make sure it is appropriate for your cat’s size

Some people also tend to buy tiny litter boxes for their cats only to find out that it is not enough to accommodate the cat’s size. The perfect litter box for your cat is 1 and 1/2  times its size. If the litter box is too small, the cats will tend to find other places that can hold their size. Cats like the spacious place by nature, so it is just right to provide them a litter box with sufficient size and not to buy a cramped litter box.

3. Select the best litter

The best litter box always depends on what your cat had previously used. This is because it will be easier to train them as they are accustomed to it already. It is also important to maintain clean fine-grained litters because most cats prefer this kind. It is also vital to note down how frequent your cat litters. This is for you to be able to identify the best litter for your cat’s litter box.

4. Follow the routine

For your cats to be trained easily in using the litter box, it is important to introduce them to a routine and gradually impose it on them. One may show the cat her litter boxes and set it up immediately after meals and after waking up from naps. You can also praise or give the cat rewards each time it uses the litter box successfully. Do not scold or punish your cat every time the routine is not followed because it will only bring anxiety and stress to the cat. It may only lead her to become more reluctant about using the litter box as the cat associates such training with stress and other negative experiences.

5. Place the litter box in the right location

The placement of the litter box in your home is another crucial factor in litter training your cat. See to it that it is placed just within your cat’s vicinity. Make sure it is very accessible for your cat. Don’t make them go anywhere else that’s farther than they can hold their urge to poop. Putting the litter box downstairs, inside the utility room or asking them to look for their litter box in the playroom would only make the potty training totally in vain. Just like humans, cats do not want to go any farther when using the toilet.

Give your cat enough time to get used to the routine. They also have different learning curves that some of them may take quite a long time to understand the need to use their litter box.

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