5 Tips to Traveling to Orlando with Kids for Cheap


Orlando is one of the best places to vacation with kids. It has everything that kids dream about, including the world-renowned Walt Disney World.  Unfortunately, a trip to Orlando is not cheap, and many families can only dream of it. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are a few tricks that can help you make such a trip on the cheap.

Here are 5 tips to traveling to Orlando with kids for cheap.

1. Travel by bus

One of the factors that increase the cost of travel for a holiday is the mode of transport. Taking a flight or using a private car may be efficient, but it’s costly. You can cut on this cost by taking a bus. The moment you start planning for the holiday, make sure to find cheap bus tickets in the Orlando area. You will be surprised that there are tickets that go for as low as $15, which is pretty cheap when travelling with kids.

2. Travel during off-peak periods

Orlando theme parks are very expensive during peak seasons. To cut on costs and still have a good time with the kids, travel during off-peak seasons. Travelling during an off-peak season can save you up to 20% of the travel and holidaying expenses. That’s enough to give you and the kids a good time, without breaking the bank. Travelling during off-peak periods is one of the best tricks for travelling with kids on a budget.

3. Plan for the meals by yourself

Most travel agents have a meal plan in their packages.  While this saves you the hustle of looking for food while on your holiday, it adds to the overall cost of your travel. That’s because the travel agency is a business, and part of their profit margin comes from the food.  If you are travelling on a budget, just pass on the travel agent’s meals. There are many cheap and decent places you can eat out with the kids in Orlando, without breaking the bank.

4. Research on cheap travel agencies

When planning for a holiday, most people jump on to the first travel agency that comes along. Unfortunately, the first one you encounter could also be the most expensive of them, and end up eating into your budget. To cut on the overall cost of travel, do some research on the travel agencies in your locality, before you choose one of them.   With a little due diligence, you can save up to 30% of your travel expenses.  You can definitely find great options for kids travel destinations with the right agent.

5. Shop online for travel gear

Part of what makes travelling with kids expensive is the shopping you have to do before the travel. When travelling to Orlando, there are different things you will need including camping gear, bags among others.  To cut on these costs, shop online for discounts. For instance, when shopping for camping gear, you can do so on Amazon. It’s a perfect place to compare prices, and find the most cost-friendly and good quality ones.

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