5 Trends to Spice Up Your Dining Room in 2021


The dining room is one of the most integral parts of a home. A lot of things happen around it—from simple family meals to dinner parties, school assignments, home school tutoring sessions, knitting as a new hobby, to creating art projects when an idea comes to mind. It’s one of the places at home that can make you feel instantly at home by merely pulling up a seat and gathering around the table.

If you think the latest trends for dining rooms in 2021 are only for those who have a big fat bank account, think again. It is for every homeowner no matter how small or big the budget and property are. These concept ideas can be applied to both tiny apartments and spacious homes. The choices are limitless—you can order creative custom metal tables for casual dining nooks and formal dining rooms, elongated tables to a room that would fit an entire family tree. Today, you’re in luck. Pull up a seat as we bring you the latest dining room interior fashion trends that you need to know about right at this moment.

Use benches to create more room for people at the dining table

Whether your house is the venue for most occasions or you simply belong to a big family that feeds a lot of mouths, the key to making a dining room an ideal and comfortable one is to create a breathable space for those who are sitting when gathered around the table. The best way to achieve this is by using benches instead of chairs. They offer more sitting space at the table so anyone can just slide right in during mealtime without the crowdedness that chairs bring. However, you are not only limited to picnic style with benches on opposite sides of the table. You can also try pairing it with chairs at the opposite ends of the table.

If you want to spice things up, you can drag a stool or couch on one side of the table and place a bench with a high back against the wall to get more lumbar support when seated at the dining table.

Mix and match the chairs

For a well-thought, quirky aesthetic, try mixing and matching the chairs you put in the dining room. This trend goes well with everything—modern, minimalist, or rustic dining room style. Of course, you can stick to one color scheme or a certain silhouette if you’re going for a formal matched look. On the other hand, you can also go all out by choosing different styles and shapes that you think will match the room. Partnering single chairs with benches are one creative way to add more seating space at the dining so everyone can sit at the table while eating

If you’ve decided to go with a ‘mismatched’ look, the best places to find dining pieces are in furniture sale sections, flea markets, and thrift stores as they offer a wide variety of choices. The hunt is almost as fun as finding the gems you need. All you need to do is make sure all the chairs are as tall as every chair at the table to make guests comfortable and for them to be uniform in height.

Use various materials too

Perfectly matched table and chair sets are so 2010 and you know it’s time to upgrade. Dining table styles have changed and we’re all for it. You are not only limited to mixing chair styles. You can also mix up materials by choosing various elements for your dining set—you can choose concrete tables, steel legs, upholstered velvet seats, and wooden benches.

Using different types of wood creates a rustic or farmhouse style. On the other hand, metal pieces offer an industrial element. The best pair for tables that use glass on top is upholstered chairs as they add glam to the modernity the table exudes. You aim to add personality and touch to your dining room.

Start considering dining nooks

You can opt for dining nooks with built-in benches in the corner to make the most out of narrow spaces for small dining rooms. As mentioned previously, benches create more seating rooms without crowding. Also, it can even hide a considerable size of storage spaces. All you have to do is add flip tops and drawers to them to keep unused or infrequently used appliances in the kitchen. You can also store your family board games here for game night activities. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out https://ergonomia.com/collections/indoor-dining-chairs

Choose an exceptional light fixture

No matter what your choice is—a chandelier, pendant light, or anything with an asymmetrical design—opting for a unique light fixture to dangle above the table can help complement everything in the room while improving its aesthetics.

Think of this as a creative accessory that will hold everything together. Don’t be afraid to explore your options and try something new to enhance the look and feel of the room as a whole.

Just a quick tip, try to add a switch to dim the lights if possible. Having this can easily shift the mood of the room. Dim the lights to exude a touch of intimacy and romance in the evening and to send a signal that the day is done.


We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for your dining rooms this year. Want to add something to our list? Feel free to comment it down below.

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