5 types of psychic abilities that you are already using and did not know

Oddly enough, we all have 5 types of innate psychic abilities that we normally use to a lesser or greater extent. The problem is that sometimes we do not get to know or control them. Next we will review which are the 5 extrasensory skills that we should master. Anyway, you can find some sites useful for those asking those questions.

Everything is energy and information but we do not see everything. The physical world that you see represents 1% of everything that actually exists, there is much more information in what we do not see than in what we do see, then imagine how much we are unconsciously perceiving and receiving.

As incredible as it may seem to you that you do not see everything, it does not mean that it does not exist and this is not so difficult to demonstrate, has it never happened to you that you enter a “stale environment” and feel “bad vibes” without really knowing why? Why do you think animals feel your mood? Does your unconscious not seek what it wants without counting on you at all? There is an enormous amount of “paranormal” activity all the time.

Ultimately we all already have all the capacities to receive the information that is in the non-physical planes but we are not 100% of the discharge in these capacities, so some people are more sensitized or prepared for this type of perception than others . Download packages arrive when your computer is ready to receive that data and not before. Other factors such as the vibration of your energy system are crucial for the level of evolution that these data have, as well as their quality and usefulness.

Today I am going to talk to you about five types of psychic abilities that you do not imagine that you can be using or misusing unconsciously, but that are at your disposal since they are part of your basic package of extrasensory abilities, which we all have already inserted.

The Imagination

1. The Imagination

The first of the psychic abilities that goes unnoticed by most is imagination. Yes, you will be puzzled, but imagination is an enormous psychic ability that we all use constantly. But of course, its potential has been distorted and tarnished, downplaying it and leaving an incredible ability in the recycling bin. Imagination is a very powerful psychic ability.

Imagination as an information tool

What is imagination but an access to a bank of information? Of course, it is you who is part of the process in the imagination, but nothing in the universe moves without an intention.

Many people, when they are channeling or trying to have an access or perception, at the moment they receive the information, they stop and ask me: Am I not making it up? My answer is always the same, Yes, you are making it up, but … where does that invention come from? How does this psychic ability work?

When we tune in external information, it reaches our receiver who, with the programs and data available, decodes the information and represents it in the way it can be created using the data available. That is precisely the imagination. Therefore, we can understand that the imagination is without a doubt the process by which my receiver reproduces and manifests the detected information.

2. Empathy

We all think that empathy is knowing how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but empathy is much more than that. Empathy is one of the most powerful psychic abilities that human beings have. It is a system through which we can tune into another person’s energetic material. Hasn’t it happened to you many times that you have “caught” the emotional energy of another person? Has it ever happened to you that you have felt like your energy has been “sucked”? Undoubtedly, energetic empathy has a lot to do with this, but it does not work as you think it works, but its capacity is incredible, in many respects.

3. Intuition

Much is said about intuition as the instinctive ability to anticipate things that are going to happen to us. Of course, intuition has always been tainted with a layer of illusion and mysticism, but it is incredible that it is not studied as a mental capacity. Intuition is one of the most extraordinary psychic abilities we possess, an innate ability of the mind to access information. Intuition is the ability of your mind to anticipate events, but it does so statistically after tracing through biological memory.

How is this psychic ability worked?

Intuition must be felt, you cannot consult it with your thought because its registers are deeper, which is why the heart is often spoken of when one wants to amplify or develop its use. If you feel good about the idea, then go ahead, if you don’t feel good, then you don’t.

4. Self-healing

Self-healing is another of the 5 types of psychic abilities that is often overlooked. The human body is in constant communication between its components, this is more than clear. Our body becomes ill or deteriorates due to an excess in the reproduction of a file or a blockage of the capacities that prevent excess.

Since we have the power to get sick, we also have the power to heal ourselves. Keep in mind that the system works regardless of whether the information it is transmitting is more or less favorable. Harmonizing a body means harmonizing its information and, if we remember that nothing moves without intention, we can choose what data to create, receive and discard.

Psychic ability of self-healing

We all have the ability to choose and create new information so we all have the ability to transform a negative block of data into a more beneficial one. The most difficult thing here is to find the virus, but once it is detected, its elimination is easier. There are many self-healing techniques but the base is the change of thoughts and mental programming that are generating the emotional chemistry that generates the problem.

5. Connection with the Astral Plane

The connection with the astral plane is another of the 5 psychic abilities that we should all master. The astral plane is the closest plane to our reality, its vibration is a little faster so, like the blades of a fan when it rotates, the fact that you do not see it does not mean that they are not there, but its effects feel like the wind that the fan gives us. We are all in total and direct communication with these planes and their influence is affecting us without a doubt, all the time.


All the extrasensory and psychic abilities that I have detailed are always working in each and every one of us. Being aware of this and making intelligent use of our psychic abilities and super functionalities is something that wise men and leaders have been doing forever, and now is the time for us to realize how much we can do to change and improve.