5 USA Themed Online Slots

If you have played on several online casino websites, you may already be familiar with the different types of games that you can play and win money from. While the most popular online casino game is reported to be the online poker, there are still a few good games that you can play on the casino websites that don’t involve cards, and one of those games is the online slot machine.

In one online casino website, you will find dozens of different slot machines to play, and all of them have different themes attached to them. Make sure you’re playing on a safe pg slot เว็บหลัก to win real cash online. Some slot machines are based on popular TV shows, while others borrow familiar characters or locations in classic or modern films. However, the interesting slot machines that are talked about by many online casino enthusiasts are the USA-themed online slots. These slot machines have elements that you would often find in the United States, such as famous landmarks, historical figures, and the national flag as well. There are probably hundreds of various US-themed slots to choose from, but there are only a few that are considered to be the best of the best in terms of looks and playstyle. Here are five of the best US-themed slots according to USA-themed online slot reviews.

One Hundred to One

First on the list is One Hundred to One, which is loosely based on the one-dollar bill where an image of George Washington is featured. When the game is loading, you will be greeted with a digital representation of the one-dollar bill, with a fully-colored George Washington presented at the center. The game is a five by five slot machine wherein you would have to match images at each slot to win prizes. At the corner of the slots are US-themed artifacts and animals, such as the official seals of the United States, the national flag, and the bald eagle, which is the national bird of the country. One Hundred to One has a Multiplier that lets you double the prize that you earn per spin, and there is also the Gamble feature that allows players to “gamble” their money for a lucky guess to win more cash.

slots in a slot machine

4th of July

4th of July is another USA-themed game that features popular locations around the United States. On the right side of the slot machine, you will see the Lincoln statue at the bottom and the national flag at the top, while on the left side, there is the Statue of Liberty at the top and the Capitol Building at the bottom. Most of the icons seen in each of the five slots are the coins used to buy items in the US, while the other icons focus on some of the most iconic places in the country, like the Golden State Bridge and Mt. Rushmore. On the 4th of July, there is a free spin feature that enables the player to spin the slots online without spending coins.

American Dad

Based on the popular animated TV show of the same name, American Dad presents the characters on the show as the slot icons for the online machine. The characters found on the slot machine are Francine Smith (the mother of the Smith family), Steve Smith (the youngest of the family), Hayley Smith (Steve’s older sister), Klaus Heissler (an English-speaking fish), Roger (a weird alien, and of course, Stan Smith (the father of the Smith family and is the main protagonist of the show). The American Dad Slot Machine has the Schmooblydong Wheel, which tells you how many free spins you will get during the course of the game.

Western Belles

The Western Belles slot machine features the popular pin-up girls of the 20th century. However, for this game, you will be treated with pin-up girls dressed as cowgirls, hence the reason why the slot machine is called “Western Belles.” Besides the pin-up girls, you will also see other popular Western icons like the cowboy boots and the saloon-style font of each letter and number on the slots. Compared to most slot machines, the Western Belles is a beginner-friendly slot that has a wide betting range that starts from $2 to $200. The Western Belles also has a unique feature called the Wild Reel that turns three icons into a full image of a pin-up girl.

Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising is not like any other regular online slot machine on the internet, as it has a strange six by eight configuration, making it the perfect slot for those who are looking for something different in the online casino. The slot machine has images of several animals found in the wilds of the United States, such as a reindeer, a grizzly bear, a wolf, and the American wild buffalo. The background of the online slot presents an image of red mountains found in Utah. Buffalo Rising has the 10x Multiplier and the Free Spin features to make the game even more exciting while you are playing it.

Those are just five of the best USA-themed online slots that you can find in various online casino websites. Which of the five slot machines are you looking forward to playing soon? If you aren’t sure, you can play them all and decide which slot machine you will come back to play again next time.