5 Viable Ways Of Creating Passive Income Online


In this article we’ll be sharing five ways to create a passive income online. With these methods you can earn money with a small investment of effort and time from your side. 

1. Making Youtube Videos

This method is expanding rapidly. You can generate videos in any genre of your choice, whether tutorials, music, comedy, opinions, movie reviews, toy reviews, and more, and then share them on YouTube. You can add Google AdSense to your videos, which will overlap the videos with automatic advertisements. When users click on these ads, you earn cash through AdSense.  The key to achieving success is by generating compelling videos, to promote these videos on social media platforms, and to generate enough so that you can earn an income through multiple resources. Some work goes into creating these videos, however, once the video is uploaded, it can become an entirely passive cash flow source long-term. 

2. Sharing Photography On The Internet

If you’re a keen photographer and would like to use your hobby as a passive income source, you can use photography websites like iStockphoto or Shuttershock to submit your photos. They will either re-imburse you with a flat fee or a percentage for each photo which is sold to one of their client sites. Through this method, each photo could represent a solid cash flow source because it can be sold over and again. All you have to do is generate a photo portfolio, submit it to one or more photo platform after which any activity becomes passive income. All the technicalities of photo sales are handled via the web platform. 

3. Giving Affiliate Advertising A Go

Many people use affiliate marketing as a passive income method, particularly those with active websites or blogs. You can sign up for promoting specific services or products on your site, after which you’ll get paid a percentage or a flat fee of the total of the sale completed. It may sound a lot harder than it is, but if you consider there are thousands of agencies worldwide that want to sell their products in as many areas as they can, it’s not as complicated. You can search for affiliate offers by checking out the dedicated websites (like ClickBank) or through contacting vendors directly. It’s always useful if the service or product is something that you’re interested yourself or if it is something that is highly relevant to your site. 

4. Writing An Ebook

This venture can entail a lot of work upfront, however once your eBook is generated and marketed, it can offer a passive revenue stream for many years to come. You can either sell an eBook on your own site or on websites that offer content which is in relation to your eBook. 

5. Writing A Book And Collecting Royalties

Similar to writing an eBook, the work required upfront is rather significant, however, once the book is completed and has entered the sale phase, it can become a useful passive venture. This is especially accurate if the book is sold to a publisher who will pay royalties to you for distributing and selling the book.  You’ll receive a percentage for every sale and if the book is relatively popular, the royalties can quickly add up. It can provide a passive income for years to come.

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