5 Ways AI Can Empower a Digital PR Firm


Did you know that around six in 10 businesses — 64% — believe artificial intelligence will help boost their overall productivity? 

Meanwhile, the AI market is on pace to reach $407 billion by 2027 versus $86.9 billion last year. And there’s scarcely an industry that hasn’t been or won’t be impacted by AI.

Another source notes that generative AI will automate between 60% and 70% of staff workloads. AI is also why almost 4,000 job cuts were made in May 2023. So, while AI won’t make human input completely redundant across the board, it’s making an impact.

One industry where AI is making its presence felt is the public relations industry space. Some players in the industry are grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and tapping into the power of AI to improve processes and results. 

Here’s a look at five ways a digital PR firm can use AI to help clients reach their goals.

1. Data Analytics

Using AI can simplify the process of combing through and analyzing mountains of data. PR firms on the cutting edge of technology are already using data analytics solutions with AI capabilities to scour the internet for trends, ascertain consumer sentiment, and assess the effectiveness of PR campaigns. It’s about automating processes and delivering results that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, if done manually.

2. Pitches

PR professionals routinely seek out media coverage for their clients. They do this by creating pitches and sending them to journalists at different media outlets. The good news is that PR professionals can use AI tools to develop pitches that are more likely to translate into media coverage, which will translate into better client results. 

When PR firms use the right AI tools, they can be more efficient, effective, and productive by crafting pitches more likely to be picked up by journalists and bloggers. You can turn your clients into go-to sources that media outlets want to cover.

3. Chatbots

Most internet users are familiar with chatbots. Companies use them to provide 24/7 customer service at a huge discount compared to having human workers on call around the clock. PR agencies can engage with their audience, respond to questions, and make recommendations using chatbots. 

People these days want instant gratification — and chatbots can accommodate that. Chatbots, which are powered by AI, can provide instant responses. In cases where human intervention is needed, chatbots will connect customers with the staff.

4. Personalization

PR firms can also use AI tools to personalize their messages for various audiences.  Their clients have customers with different pain points. Leveraging AI-powered solutions, PR professionals can assess data and develop personalized messages that target various customer types and target demographics.

It’s insufficient to cast out a wide net and catch as many consumers as possible. A PR firm will be more effective if its campaigns target the right demographics for clients.

5. Media Monitoring

PR firms spend a lot of time monitoring how journalists, bloggers, and media organizations cover their clients, their clients’ industries, or issues that directly or indirectly impact their clients. AI tools make this process easier. PR firms can use AI tools to track media coverage, identify opportunities where their clients can comment on issues, and assess the performance of their PR campaigns.

Using AI-powered solutions, PR firms can do more for their clients and do it more effectively. No, AI won’t replace PR professionals. AI is improving, but it still can’t replicate the human element of creativity. If your PR agency isn’t using AI, it makes sense to explore ways your business, workers, and clients can benefit.

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