5 Ways CBD Oil Could Help Your Dog

CBD oil has been creating quite the buzz in recent years for its beneficial effects on humans. What is lesser known is just how many positive effects it can have for your dog too. However, there is an enormous amount of misinformation floating around, so let us clear some things up.

First of all, despite being derived from cannabis and hemp, CBD oil will not get your dog high. It is devoid of the ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which provides marijuana with its psychoactive effects.

Instead, CBD oil can provide a myriad of soothing effects while actively helping to reduce the symptoms of some severe conditions. We have compiled a total of five benefits your dog may experience if you introduce CBD oil to their diet!

1. Reduced Anxiety

Anxiety in dogs manifests in different ways than it does in humans, but it is still identifiable. They may be highly reluctant to play with other dogs or interact with humans they are unfamiliar with. They may shake often, and their tail will permanently be between their legs.

CBD oil can help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress. It may even help to mediate noise phobia, allowing your dog to navigate the outside world with less fear. It can also improve your dog’s sleep patterns if you find that they struggle to sleep consistently.

2. Pain Relief

Though CBD oil is devoid of the psychoactive ingredient THC, it still possesses numerous cannabinoids. Many of these are known to alleviate pain, especially relating to neuropathy or nerve-related injuries.

In addition, vets are increasingly utilizing CBD oil for dogs with cancer to help minimize their pain. If your dog suffers from chronic pain, CBD oil can improve their mobility and bring some life back into their movements.

3. Management of Epilepsy and Seizures

Drugs usually prescribed to dogs to help manage seizures certainly perform their function, but they can damage the liver if used for prolonged periods. CBD oil poses no such risk while demonstrating an excellent ability to manage epileptic fits. If your dog is already on medication for its seizures, make sure to talk with your vet before introducing CBD oil.

4. Reduced Inflammation

CBD oil has been shown to minimize the presence of inflammation caused by multiple factors. This includes:

  • Inflammation from oxidative stress
  • Inflammation from pancreatitis
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Inflammation caused by colitis or inflammatory bowel disease

In addition to all of these things, it is also good at reducing generalized inflammation. This not only relieves your dog of its discomfort but can also prevent premature degeneration caused by accelerated aging. CBD oil can also inhibit the production of macrophages, which are a huge contributor to chronic inflammation.

5. Strengthen the Immune System

CBD oil has demonstrated the ability to reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines. These are the chemicals responsible for hypersensitivity and allergies and reducing the efficacy of the immune system. Too many cytokines in the body can result in a condition called Th17 dominance, which can directly lead to autoimmune disease.

Additionally, CBD oil has been cited as an effective way to protect brain cells from toxicity. This is especially important for senior dogs, who are most vulnerable to degradation caused by uncontrolled toxins.

Try CBD Oil with Your Dog!

There are many benefits of CBD oil in dogs, and we have just selected five we think you might be most interested in. Before trying anything new with your dog, however, it is recommended that you contact your vet or a similar professional. All dogs react differently to new things, so don’t grow frustrated if you don’t immediately see the results you want!