5 Ways Solar Watches are Superior to Quartz Watches

When it comes to watch technology, nothing is more common than quartz. Watches used to be a very specialty item, but once quartz hit the scene, watches could be found in places as mundane as cereal boxes!

Today, there is a shift happening in the watch world. And that is a shift towards solar watches.

Solar watches wouldn’t exist without the technology that powers quartz watches, but there are several standout features about a solar watch that are worth considering. Keep reading to learn how solar watches are better than standard quartz watches.

5 Features that Make Solar Watches Standout

  1. Solar watches have a longer battery life. If you own a solar watch, you’ll be changing your battery far less often than you would with a standard quartz watch. For some solar-powered watches, you can expect your battery to last over an entire decade!
  2. A solar watch is constantly charging. Every solar watch you’d find from top watch makers like Nixon and Casio use the sun to generate power. They do this by converting light into energy that is then stored within a battery. But the best light-powered watches can generate a charge off of all types of light, including artificial light found in offices or schools! A few minutes under artificial light could be enough to power your watch for several hours.
  3. Light-powered watches last a long time on a single charge. As mentioned above, just a few minutes of exposure to artificial light are enough to power a solar watch for several hours. That’s because the technology in these types of watches is extremely efficient! And if you’re out in the sun, you’ll need even less exposure. For light-powered watches from Nixon, just a few minutes in direct sunlight is enough to power your watch for a full 24 hours. And if your watch is fully charged, you can expect it to stay powered on that charge for months on end.
  4. Many are still waterproof. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality or durability to enjoy solar movement technology. Many of the best watches of this variety are rated up to 10ATM, meaning they are waterproof up to 100 meters.
  5. Solar watches look just as good… and even better! Whether you’re looking for something more subtle, straightforward and classic, or a watch that pops at first glance, a solar watch is a great option. You can find nearly as many unique styles in this type of watch as you can in classic quartz movement.