5 Ways to Beat Back Pain Without Prescription Medication

Every day more people are suffering from back pain in Canada and around the world. In order not to have to resort to medications daily, we should look for ways to get relief and avoid back pain altogether.

Over the counter remedies like CBD oil

It’s no secret that CBD oil in Canada is commonly used for back pain. That’s something worth considering if you suffer and pure CBD products are now available over the counter. Many turn to the more recognized brands such as Liiv CBD Oil, Miss Envy and Calyx Wellness. They are worth trying before taking on some serious pain killers.

As always, prevention and behaviour modification is preferred if and when possible.

Back pain is common across Canada

The usual thing is that back pain appears as a result of bad postures. It can also arise by continuously maintaining the same gestures. Also, the use of mobile devices and computer mouse damage this part of the body.

However, our lifestyle is increasingly inactive. Consequently, our muscles are weaker. Also, being seated for a long time, our back suffers a lot. As a result, many Canadians are missing work due to back pain.

The idea is to do daily stretching exercises, as well as to strengthen the muscles to avoid back pain. The best option is to practice swimming since the critical areas work very intensely. And not only that but, being an aerobic activity, it also helps to burn fat and take care of our heart.

5 ways to beat back pain

Below are 5 ways to avoid back pain altogether or avoid making things worse.

1. Meditation

Stress is a source of back problems and also suffers. When we are prisoners of anxiety, our entire musculoskeletal structure becomes rigid without us noticing. This stiffness will continue, while anxiety dominates you. Hours, days, weeks.

In this sense, it is good that you meditate and breathe for at least half an hour to soothe back pain. Thanks to this breathing technique, your body will oxygenate and relax.

Ideally, you include it in your daily schedule. However, if you do it in isolation, you will also notice its benefits.

2. Yoga

The postures of this discipline are perfect for stretching and strengthening the trunk and limbs. If you are familiar with the essentials, you can turn to them when you are in a pain crisis.

With yoga, you will notice relief in a few minutes. The tension will be greatly reduced and will allow you to continue your day with more freedom.

3. Acupuncture sessions to calm back pain

Oriental medicine demonstrates its effectiveness with the longevity of the people who apply it. Acupuncture is a clear example. Do not fear. It will not hurt.

The acupuncturists know how to place the needles in the perfect spot to relieve and undo the contractures. Also, back pain will vanish almost without delay.

4. Visit the chiropractor

Chiropractors don’t just massage your muscles. They correct the character of your skeleton. For example, if your dorsal pain hurts, you will notice how the hip will have gone out of the way, which makes the discomfort worse.

Therefore, it will put the bones in place and knead the back to alleviate your pain. Also, when the back is very inflamed, chiropractors are commonly visited. Believe it or not, back pain is becoming an epidemic in Canada. For severe back pain, referring to your medical doctor first never hurts.

5. Exercise

Exercise is one of best way to get away from back pain.

  • Walk at a rapid pace: It is a very simple exercise, but with incredible results. Its benefits are innumerable. In this case, it will improve two causes of discomfort: anxiety and muscle tension. When you walk quickly, the trunk is placed automatically. Thus, tension is loosened and, therefore, inflammation. As if this were not enough, physical exercise secretes serotonin, the pleasure hormone. Thanks to this, the worries that pursue you will disappear, so that positive thoughts replace them.
  • Lie on a tennis ball: We can classify this strategy as “express massage.” Lie on the ground on your backside and put a tennis ball in the most susceptible places. Then move on it until the discomfort disappears or is bearable. You will not need more than five minutes, and you will notice with great relief.

Other treatment

  • Remove the machines that weigh your spine: When the belly “weighs” the spine deviates slightly backward to correct the balance of the body (so that it does not lean forward). This is how the “tummy” affects you.
  • Reverse the problem: If you eliminate that “fat belt” and keep the muscles around the vertebrae strong, you will eliminate tension, recover stability, and relieve pain. Abdominal exercises can be harmful (if there is no hypertension) are effective and safe.
  • Avoid the nerves that strain your back: If you pointed to a piece of paper when your back hurts more and how you are doing that day, you likely came to this conclusion: the more nerves you accumulate, the more it hurts.
  • Small things that you can easily do in your home can help you, along with the other tips, to make the pain more bearable until as time goes by, it disappears. Among them, specialists suggest sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs because it can help you reduce pressure on your back. And if you sleep on your back place two, or up to three pillows, under the knees.
  • The type of mattress and the way one lies in bed has its impact.
  • Applying heat or cold on the affected area also serves to relieve pain. “Heat should be used to treat backaches that last more than 48 hours,” according to the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).


The regular exercise low impact, not force your back like walking and swimming, it is a good choice. Develop muscle strength and flexibility with abdominal, back, and stretching exercises. So maintain a healthy weight because overweight loads the back muscles. Avoid sitting for too long, and keep an eye on your posture when using the computer and watching TV.