5 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally Without Medication

We all know about our survival instincts, but how much do you know about your death instinct?

Depression is multi-faceted. It’s caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. But, are prescription pills your only option? Not by a long shot.

Read on to learn five ways to beat depression naturally.

1. Therapy

If you’ve gotten diagnosed with depression, then your doctor may have recommended therapy. Therapy is a non-invasive and natural way to face your depression head-on.

Often, depression stems from our life circumstances and past trauma. Have you ever heard the old saying that the child pays for the father’s sins? There’s some genetic accuracy to that statement.

You may have a genetic makeup that predisposes you to depression.

Past life regression therapy provides a healthy way to overcome generational trauma. By healing yourself, you’re also providing relief to future generations.

2. Analyze Your Environment and Choices

At other times, depression stems from our environment. You can face depression in a natural way by altering your life circumstances.

The first step in accomplishing this is to analyze your choices and environment. Ask yourself important questions like:

  • Do you feel comfortable in your own home?
  • Do your friends and family support you?
  • Are you self-medicating with drugs, coffee, or harmful substances?

Be honest with yourself. If something or someone is contributing to your depression, then limit your contact. You may surprise yourself at how well you start feeling without negativity in your life!

3. Break the Bad Habits and Start Fresh

As we touched on above, some of your choices and habits may be bringing you down. It’s easier said than done to break these negative habits.

One way to beat depression in a natural way is to start fresh. Rather than focusing on your bad habits, start building new ones. Consider picking up a new hobby or joining a new community.

Think about activities that brought you joy in the past. Start putting more energy into developing those skills or interests.

4. Use Psychology Against Yourself

Are your thoughts and your mind some of your biggest enemies? If so, then using psychology against yourself can destroy those negative thoughts.

5. Natural Medicinal Relief

Prescription pills have a lot of benefits, but they aren’t the only kind of medicine you can try. Here are a few natural medicines that could improve your mindset:

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • St. John’s Wort
  • CBD oil
  • Folate-rich foods
  • Zinc

Talk with your doctor if you’re considering natural alternatives.

Try These Tips to Beat Depression Naturally

Did you know that some depression medications can worsen suicidal thoughts? If you’re already struggling, then these thoughts can derail any progress you’ve made.

Instead of giving up, there’s a lot of merit in researching ways to beat depression naturally. You don’t have to live life chained to your prescription drugs forever.

Try to incorporate these five tips into your life, and discuss the impacts with your doctor. If they work for you, then you and your doctor can discuss ditching your medication.

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