5 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your CRM


Hearing that much about the benefits of using a CRM has inspired you to reconsider some business processes and start using a customer relationship management system. However, it doesn’t go as seamlessly as it should have. So was it a marketing trick or are we not using the potential of a CRM to the fullest?

It is common for companies to end up in such situations shortly after they start using new corporate software. Luckily, the issues behind it are common and often easy to solve. First, look for the loopholes. When you find the weak spots, you will be able to come up with a strategy that helps to deal with each of them. Below, you will find some of the most common issues and solutions businesses encounter right after implementing a CRM.

1. Promote a CRM Inside Your Team

Sometimes the staff is reluctant to use new technologies to the fullest. Some find it complicated to figure out all the features. The others are just used to working utilizing old methods and approaches. Tools like Revenue Grid and HubSpot help boost the potential of the sales and marketing teams. However, it will happen only if each and every person understands these benefits and is ready to learn how to work with the new software.

2. Establish the Rules and Terminology

Exploiting intuitive CRM systems doesn’t require specific knowledge or intense learning. Still, your team needs a comprehensive guideline. People have different ways of thinking. Therefore, each of the team members may find a bit different solution for the same problem. There is a risk that people can interpret niche terms in a bit different way, the levels of information detailzation will vary, etc. It is better to prevent such inconsistency from the very beginning before it starts causing serious issues.

3. Set Up Integrations with Other Systems

It works two ways. First of all, make sure to connect the tools your teams are currently using – from emails and calendars to custom solutions if any – to a chosen CRM. Then, learn about other extensions and applications that can boost performance. For example, there are numerous Salesforce integration tools easily connected to the CRM, enabling it with advanced opportunities the native functionality doesn’t offer. Analyze what features are lacking and cover those areas with integrated tools.

4. Automate Routine Tasks

Routine tasks affect the efficiency and motivation of the team. If there are tasks a CRM system can handle without human intervention, make sure it does. The set-up of automated processes takes an hour at most. Meanwhile, it will help to save several hours daily for your sales department. Thus, the team can focus on more creative tasks while the system handles:

  • data recording and registration;
  • sales funnel progression management;
  • email marketing campaigns;
  • social media ads analytics;
  • setting tasks for managers at different stages;
  • and more.

5. Track Analytics Smartly

A CRM system offers different kinds of stats and analytic reports. Altogether, this data helps to set goals and track their completion. It helps sales and marketing teams to come up with more efficient strategies and discover new market opportunities. For this, however, the team needs to use all available kinds of data. Very often, we end up with charts that simplify data interpretation. Although they are convenient, they usually feature only a share of essential information. Make sure the team knows about everything they can track and exploit, especially the reports that require additional interpretation.

Bottom Line

A CRM system is one of the best ways to boost the performance of small and medium businesses. Just remember that installing new software doesn’t solve all the issues by default. It also requires getting familiar with its functionality and the range of its capabilities it offers. Make sure your team doesn’t end up using only basic features, for in most cases, it just interferes with overall business efficiency.

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