5 Ways to Bump Your Book’s Cover Design to the Next Level


Newsflash: people really will judge your book by its cover.

Before someone buys your book, whether it’s in a store or online, they notice your cover. And it takes a really great cover to make someone reach for their wallet.

How, then, can you design a killer cover? With these book cover ideas, you’ll come up with something absolutely amazing!

1. Creative Typography

What’s the first thing people notice about a book cover? Before they notice the cool colors or images, they are going to read the title.

That’s why creative typography is so important. Bold fonts with capital letters help your book make a solid statement. Alternately, fonts that look delicate and handwritten can evoke romance novels of yesteryear.

Always remember that typography sets the tone for the entire cover. For typography inspiration, check out these other book cover ideas!

2. Powerful Imagery

Another important element is the imagery that you use. And you have plenty of great options to choose from!

Using original art on your cover will make the book seem whimsical and accessible. Alternately, using real photography will make the book look modern and visceral.

You can also creatively use white space to get attention and build a mysterious mood. Or you can get bold with covers that mix different visual elements (these can range from old photographs to newspaper clippings).

A great cover doesn’t require a completely original idea. You just need to be the one who does it best!

3. Tasty Texture

Pop quiz: how do audiences think your cover “feels?”

It’s not a trick question. Readers create powerful associations via touch and texture. Certain visual elements (like a rocky outcropping or mountainous terrain) give the illusion of tactile sensation.

You can achieve a similar feeling by giving the cover depth and shade. For depth, you may need a winning combination of shadows and overlays that give the whole thing a pseudo-3D feel.

4. Color Psychology

What colors should your cover have? This usually comes down to recent trends as well as classic color psychology.  We have been studying and thinking about psychology since the days of Aristotle.

“Recent trends” is exactly what it sounds like. If most of the last year’s bestsellers had blue covers, you may consider finding creative ways to incorporate blue elements into your cover.

Alternatively, you can research theories of color psychology. Readers tend to associate green with nature and renewal, red with anger and passion, etc. Using the right color can help prime your readers for an emotional reaction while reading!

5. Hire A Professional

Our final tip is nice and simple: don’t try to do this on your own!

Photographers, artists, and designers spend years mastering their respective crafts. When it comes to selling your book, do you really want to risk doing a sloppy job on the first thing your readers will see?

Hiring a professional to design your cover is one of the smartest moves you can make. Not only will you get a killer book cover, but you’ll also have one less thing to worry about when it comes to publication!

Book Cover Ideas: Bring the Book to Life

Now you have the best book cover ideas. But do you know where to find even more inspiration?

We cover every aspect of culture to help you scratch your “need to know.” Before you start your next book, check out our Arts section today!

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