5 Ways to deal With Leptin Resistance


The increasing stress level and unorganized lifestyle of people makes them consume unhealthy foods that are capable of causing different diseases. These eating habits cause obesity and different health problems that make life miserable.

There are some of the hormones that matters a lot while you are attaining these habits. Apart from these habits, there are different psychological unevenness that is the sole reason for obesity.

These hormones should be maintained at every level to gain a healthy life. Leptin is one of those that acquire a prominent place among the drivers that cause different problems.

It is advisable to change your bad habits in the early lifecycle. Here we are providing some of the effective techniques that help to increase leptin sensitivity.

Let’s delve into the universe of leptin resistance methods, before that it is very important to acquire an understanding of leptin resistance and the whole phenomenon.

What is leptin resistance?

Leptin resistance is one of the most prominent biological catalysts that cause obesity. The overview of this resistance deals with different fat cells that are present in an obese Peron. These fat cells produce leptin as their proportion to size. Those people who are obese comprise of the very high level of leptin. Leptin is supposed to work in a way that the person who is obese naturally limits their food intake. This should be acknowledged by the brain that they have stored ample energy sources, but the brain doesn’t see it. This condition is known as leptin resistance. 

It is mandatory to keep a tab of your leptin resistance with the help of desired ways. These ways may cause a lot of difficulties while initiation, but it will provide effective results at the end.

Ways to fix the leptin resistance

It is quite evident that you can decrease the level of leptin resistance only by increasing leptin sensitivity. Leptin is responsible for an ideal stimulus.

It is advisable to make this hormone efficient enough so that you can combat obesity with proper tools. Following are five of the most effective techniques that will help you to ambush the leptin resistance on its core:

1. Change your sleeping regime

Change your sleeping regime

Sleeping is one of the most important chores that help to maintain metabolism, which holds a very efficient place. Of you have refrained from a sound sleep, then it will cause a bulk load of problems. In addition to that leptin is one of the hormones that affect your sleep, if not available. In a nutshell, sleep deficiency is one of the major causes of leptin resistance. For getting a sound sleep there are some effective ways, which helps to increase leptin sensitivity. Following are some of them:

  • Keep yourself indulged in some of the relaxation techniques that include breathing exercises, mindfulness training, different meditation techniques, and guided meditations. These are some of the best methods that help to refrain sleep deprivation thus increasing leptin sensitivity. 

  • It is very important to control the stimulus that is the key driver for sleep deprivation. This controlling pattern helps a lot in getting sound sleep. It includes pre-bedtime chores that are effective for stimulation control. For example, if you are used to your smartphone before sleeping, then it is good to get rid of that as soon as possible.

  • One of the best measures and proven methods is cognitive behavioral therapy that helps to depreciate sleep deprivation. This affects the belief system of the patient that helps to attain healthy and rational thinking thus decreasing the leptin resistance. 

2. Shed the excessive weight

Shed the excessive weight

One of the most important factors that enable you to increase leptin sensitivity thus reducing the leptin resistance is losing excess weight or fat. There are some of the efficient habits that help to shed off the extra fat.

Some numerous techniques and habits can surely help to reduce those, though people find it difficult to attain those habits. Shedding the weight not only increases the leptin sensitivity, but also helps to attain a healthy life. The exercises that help you to be an active, sensory stimulus to the brain. The brain gets the signal for the regular activities, thus the leptin resistance decreases.

It is advisable to attain some of the basic activities that make you quite used to it. When it comes to exercising for losing Wight regularity plays a very important role.

Below are some of the activities and habits that can help you to shed off the extra fat easily.

  • Walking
  • Consuming high protein breakfast
  • Restraining from sugary drinks and food
  • Water drinking before meals
  • Food pairing
  • Easy and slow chewing of foods

3. Stop eating a high carbohydrate meal

Stop eating a high carbohydrate meal

If you are eating high carbohydrates regularly, then it will slow down your metabolism. It is advisable to take a calculated amount of calories as that will provide accurate nutrients to your body.

This practice helps you to lose the habit of excessive heating, thus preventing to attain fat. You should refrain from the habit of you want to minimize the leptin resistance. Carbohydrate foods are way scarier and unhealthy for your body and leptin resistance.

4. Use ketogenic as the best alternative

Use ketogenic as the best alternative

One of the foremost and new alternatives for increasing leptin sensitivity is to get used to ketogenic diets are the newest form of food supplements that helps a lot while decreasing the leptin resistance.

With the use of the ketogenic diet, one can easily shed off the excess carbs from your food, though it is capable of providing much-needed nutrients with much ease. Apart from helping in increasing the leptin sensitivity it also provides some of the other benefits such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Low carb intake
  • Susceptibility to diseases decreases
  • Optimal intake of energy

5. Leptin resistance pills

Leptin resistance pills

This is one of the effective ways of reducing leptin resistance for those who are way busy in their life. These are the go-to method that is quite quick and efficient. It is advisable by most of the professionals to opt for natural ways, but these pills are getting way popular in the market due to their effective results. These pills comprise of some of the ingredients that are capable of reducing the inflammation and increasing leptin sensitivity. One of the most commonly used pill is leptitox. You can find out more about it on this website.

These pills have fish oil, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, linoleic acid or soluble fiber as their main constituent. Numerous research and development are going on that provide a substantial benefit for using these pills. Numerous studies provide legitimate facts in favor of these pills also.


These are some of the effective ways that help to combat the leptin resistance. Some are responsible for the increase in leptin sensitivity in the best possible natural ways while others depend upon the physical workout.

These methods and measures are quite effective, but it depends upon your body mechanism, that should provide efficient and productive reception. Natural ways should be the best and effective way to increase leptin sensitivity. Apart from this one of the major catalyst to decrease the leptin resistance are the pills. It is just recommended that you should take expert help while considering this alternative.

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