5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos POP!


Get more engagement by making your photos stand out. Many times simple editing is enough for your everyday photo to look WOW. If you don’t believe it, check out the reviews of 123Presets.store.

Lightroom presets have gained popularity so quickly because it has never been easier to edit your photos. You can be done with your edit within seconds. All you need is your phone and Lightroom presets.

There are a couple of different ways to make your picture stand out from the crowd as well. For example, the right angles, posing, and time of the photoshoot can take your photography to the next level.

How to Edit Your Photos?

If you have never edited your photos on Lightroom before, you might be overwhelmed by all the different possibilities and how they actually work and interfere with one another. Hence, you can save a lot of time just by using Lightroom presets.

123Presets have a wide selection of different looks. Thus, you can simply choose the look that you like and apply it to your photos.

What If My Images are Too Dark?

You can simply change that by increasing exposure. Honestly, it’s a lot better when your images are too dark than when they are overexposed. You can change the exposure in the Lightroom app. The mobile version is completely free,

What If My Photos are Too Orange?

Nobody wants orange skin tones. Hence, if your skin looks too orange, you can easily adjust that by decreasing the saturation of orange color in the Lightroom mobile app. You may not want to decrease the overall saturation of the image because it will not stand out as much. The secret is to decrease the saturation of certain colors and increase the saturation of the others.

Interesting Angles

Many people when they take an image, take it from the same angle. By choosing different angles, you immediately increase the chances of creating a more interesting image. Try getting closer, getting further, moving to the side, lower or higher.

Get a Ladder

Use a ladder or even just a chair to get higher than your subject, That can create an interesting image for sure. You can also climb a mountain or some stairs and try to take multiple images. For more powerful shots you want your subject to be above you.

Use Reflections

Another great way for a more interesting photo is to use reflections. You can find them everywhere. For example, some store windows. However, usually, people take these kinds of shots after a rainy day. Then you can use the street puddles as your reflections.

Different Poses

Add movement to your images. When you are naturally moving, you can create interesting poses. For example, do a small jump, brush your hair, put on makeup, fix your bracelet. If you are going for a more posed look, then you may want to laugh for the picture to look more natural.

When posing, think of your angles. Completely straight legs and arms will make you look stiff and unnatural. Create angles with your arms and legs. Ideally, asymmetrical ones.

Golden Hour

In case you have never taken pictures during the golden hour, you definitely want to try it out. The golden hour happens right before sunset and creates the most beautiful lighting. Pink warm tones that make everything look more beautiful. Lighting is one of the main features in photography.

If you really want to make those images POP, you want to test out. Sunset Lightroom presets These presets are specifically created to bring out the stunning golden hour tones in your images.

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