5 Ways You Can Make Office Relocation Easier


Moving premises can be an absolute nightmare if you’re not thoroughly prepared. So, if your office is planning on relocating, you can be responsible for making it a walk in the park or something everyone will be dreading. Here are a few steps you can take to help make your move a lot smoother: 

Plan ahead 

Pre-planning will help you understand how long the job will take to relocate and give you the chance to adjust your business accordingly in order to prevent any disruptions with clients. It will also allow you to get an estimated cost in terms of moving companies, as well as an estimate duration to be able to factor in every little detail and make the timing accurate so it doesn’t affect the business. Another great way to help you with the move is to get a blueprint of the new office and start labeling where everyone will be, as well as where all your equipment will be placed. That way, when the actual moving day arrives, everyone will be aware of where everything goes. 

Get your office a cheap makeover 

Office furniture can be heavily overused and takes up a lot of space. Sometimes, moving that office furniture to a new location will be fairly expensive and totally not worth the cost, which is why it’s better finding budget-friendly office furniture suppliers. Your office furniture can get a total makeover through Rethink Your Office by being replaced with great quality second-hand furniture. That way, it will not only seem new to your employees and be in great shape, but will also come at a fraction of the cost of getting new furniture, in some cases making it even cheaper than relocating your old office furniture. You won’t need to worry about delivery or installation, as that is all part of the service provided and a huge chunk of your move will be eliminated from your worries. 

Schedule the moving outside working hours 

While your employees might not be too happy with this option, it is best for your business and for your clients to start the relocation process after working hours. Each employee can start by packing their own stuff a week or so in advance and have everything labeled, not only with their names, but also with the components in each package in order to be able to unpack smoothly without having to rummage through boxes trying to locate a specific element. It is also best to move on a weekend or public holiday as it could take several hours or even a couple of days, which could be rather disruptive to a business if it’s done within working hours. You can always make it up to your employees by paying them overtime or giving them an extra day off to be able to take at a later stage. 

Get rid of any unwanted objects

This is the perfect chance to declutter and get rid of all those useless things everyone has been hoarding. With every employee going through their desks, it is a great chance to minimize what goes to the new office by throwing away anything that isn’t useful. That way, you not only get rid of the things that have been taking up space for no reason, but also minimize the number of things that need to be moved to the new location. 

Make sure your new office is running first 

There’s no point in moving to a new location if the internet and phone lines aren’t working yet. That’s why it is essential to get everything in order and make sure it’s ready before you actually start moving so the business doesn’t get affected. You can even start installing the phone lines and cables a couple of weeks in advance and test them out to guarantee that everything is in order and that nothing will disrupt the work once everyone has moved. This also gives you the opportunity to update your websites as well as your business profiles on social media with your new address and phone numbers ensuring that your clients will be able to reach you at all times. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to inform your clients that your office has been relocated to a new address. 

All it takes to make sure the office move is a smooth one is to plan ahead and guarantee that everything is not only taken into account, but is also up and running before you actually make the move. That way, you’ll find your move hassle-free, while ensuring that your work is not affected and continues to run smoothly. 

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