5 Ways You Might Be Making Your Hair Loss Worse


Dealing with hair loss can be disheartening. You might have thought you’d have a full head of hair forever, and now you’re discovering that it’s thinning, falling out, and losing its luster. While genetics can certainly influence hair loss, your hair care routine and everyday actions may also contribute. If you regularly take these actions, now might be the best time to alter your hair care routine for your hair’s future health:

Exposing Your Hair to the Sun

You might be eager to type ‘Minoxidil Canada’ into a search engine and receive a prescription for a hair loss product when you realize that long-term exposure to UV rays may have contributed to your hair loss.

According to studies, excessive sun exposure to the hair shaft can result in hair protein loss and hair pigment degradation. UVB rays can cause hair protein degradation, while UVA rays can cause color changes. Keratin, in particular, is affected. Fortunately, you may prevent UV exposure-related hair loss by wearing sun hats outside and using hair care products with UV filters.

Drinking Sugary Beverages

Sugary drinks can be refreshing on a warm summer’s day. However, it’s not just your teeth you should be worried about. Sugary drinks can also contribute to male pattern hair loss in young men.

A study involving young Chinese people aged 18 to 45 years found those who consumed excessive sugary beverages had a higher likelihood of reporting male pattern hair loss. While thirst-quenching, consider sidelining your favorite sweet beverage in favor of water to potentially reduce the risk of hair loss.

Using Hair Styling Tools

While you may not experience noticeable hair loss using curling irons or straightening tools, there’s a risk of damage, protein loss, and cuticle cracks.

A study with two groups of women found that women who used hairstyle tools in the six-month period before the study were more likely to have hair thinning, dents, pigmentary and weathering changes, and bulges. Cutting back on using hair styling tools may reduce the risk of those microscopic changes.

Being Under Stress

You might be more inclined to explore stress-reducing techniques when you learn that stress may lead to hair loss. Studies performed on mice revealed that stress hormones impair the stem cells needed for hair growth. Subjecting the mice to mild stress over several weeks resulted in increased corticosterone levels and reduced hair growth.

Not Eating a Healthy Diet

A few sweet treats occasionally may not result in hair loss. However, a diet lacking essential nutrients might. Our bodies need various nutrients, such as folic acid and iron, to help our hair follicles produce hair naturally. Not getting enough of these may mean your hair is not as thick and luscious as you would like. If you believe a lack of essential nutrients could be to blame for your hair loss, talk to your healthcare provider about dietary changes or supplements to assist.

Some people are genetically predisposed to hair loss, but that’s not the case for everyone. If you regularly do these things above, now might be the right time to change your habits. Your hair might just thank you for it.

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