5 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos \ あなたがカジノについて知らなかった5つの奇妙な事実

Casinos are a source of interesting stories, urban legends, and fascinating myths that seem too good to be true. Some of the most interesting stories are from regions that don’t allow gambling.

For instance, Japanese punters exploit a legal void to gamble while casinos in Monaco prohibit locals from any form of gambling. Similarly, while Las Vegas is the hub of gambling in the US, casinos in Native American reservations must deal with several restrictions.

Starting with tales of massive wins to disgusting personal hygiene and everything in between, here are the top five interesting facts about casinos.

5 Weird Facts that you Probably Didn’t Know About Casinos

Get ready for some of the craziest, weirdest, and fascinating stories from the world of gambling. オンラインギャンブルの詳細については、https://ecasinos.jp/ をご覧ください。. カジノにまつわる興味深い事実をご紹介します。

The Biggest Casino Win is a Staggering $39.7 Million

While casino jackpots are often discussed on open forums, not much is known about the winners. Video slots have turned multimillionaires overnight and you probably haven’t heard of the biggest win.

In 2003, an anonymous software engineer from LA wagered $100 on Megabucks at the Excalibur Casino. Little did he know that he’d strike the $39.7 million jackpot. The record stands to date and no one knows if and when the next mega win will be recorded.

One Man Sold All His Possessions and Bet it on a Single Roulette Spin

Back in 2004, a British professional gambler called Ashley Revell decided to sell everything he owned and wager the amount in a single roulette spin for a TV show called Double or Nothing. Revell had raised close to £135,000 through a series of auctions and car boot sales and was left with nothing but clothes on his back.

Revell walked into the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and staked the entire amount on the red. After a few gut-wrenching minutes, number 7 landed on red and Revell walked away with a cool £270,600.

The Longest Poker Game Continued for Over Eight Years

Experienced punters will tell you that to be a successful poker player you need a bit of skill and a lot of patience. And while modern poker tournaments will sometimes last for hours, it doesn’t match up to the world poker endurance record. Back in 1881, a poker game in Arizona is rumoured to have lasted for eight years, five months, and three days.

Needless to say, there were breaks in between. But legend claims that the game was played consistently with occasional comfort breaks and time-outs for sleep. While the naysayers doubt the record for the lack of evidence, the story claims that over $10 million changed hands throughout the marathon.

Gambling Addicts Will Sometimes Pee All Over the Gaming Floor

While superstition and gambling go hand in hand, certain punters take it to the next level. For instance, back in 2007, an anonymous gambler filed a complaint with the Indiana Gambling Commission after he sat in a pee-soaked chair. This isn’t a one-off incident.

In 2015, a gambler from New Jersey urinated into the coin slot of a video slot machine rather than leaving the gaming floor. Counsellors believe this is the result of extreme addiction and three are just a handful of examples since most cases go unreported.

Video Slot Machines in the UK are required by Law to Return at Least 70%

Every video slot machine has a visible RTP in the instructions. If you’ve ever wondered, the initials stand for Return to Player. This is the sum that the casino must return to the players in respect to the total wager.

The UK Gambling Commission has set a law mandating a minimum of 70% RTP for all online casinos. This means, for every £1 wagered at the video slot machine, the casino must return 70p. However, this is just the average sum and most video slots return a healthy 97% at online casinos.


There are several interesting stories from around the world. But most of us are familiar with only a handful of interesting facts about casinos. As gambling continues to grow popular globally, more interesting stories are bound to pop up in the future.

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