50 years of beauty trends


As with all trends, they change through the years, as technology gets better, research changes and our general knowledge increases. Transform Hospital group have had a look at some of these trends over the past 50 years. So much has changed, even over the last 50 years people priorities and self care rituals have massively adapted and evolved. In stark contrast to 2020, our parents generation, as a whole, tended not to put themselves first, especially women, they were taught that they must put their husbands and their children before themselves.

Women in 2020 are taught that it’s okay to put yourself first, it’s okay to look after your skin and your mental health and that it’s encouraged. There is real shift away from makeup products and onto skin care and how to improve your skin as an overall.

Skin rejuvenation techniques such as hydra facials, derma rollering and microneedling, have all seen a massive increase in popularity. Techniques such as this wouldn’t have been available 50 years ago and if they were they may not have been the most safe thing to do to your skin.

In the 2010s the makeup trend was a full face, full coverage foundation with carved out brows and your contour and highlight to the max. Eyeshadow was a big factor, whether you wanted something more colourful or a deeper and smokier look, there were different options available for different faces and preferences.

The 2010s also saw the rise of dermal fillers, helping to plump up the skin and lip fillers growing solidly in popularity.

The 2000s saw lots of manufacturers using hyaluronic acid moisturisers and a very feminine look overall, there was also a real shift and attention to not using animal products and just generally being more conscientious.

A fresh faced look was more popular in the 1990s, a smudged eye look and a burgundy lip being the most popular. It also saw a rise in the use of anti ageing ingredients, the 1990s also saw a massive rise in the amount of people investing in nose surgery.

The 1980s was the era of bright colours and bold styles and the make up trends really reflected this. They were exaggerated and over the top, prime Madonna era. It also saw the introduction of anti-ageing products and collagen was the wonder ingredient.

Its fascinating to look into how things have changed in recent history. Which is your favourite that you’d like to see make a come back?

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