6 Accessories You Didn’t Know your Bathroom Needed


The bathroom is a very important room in every house, and it’s just as important to keep it looking nice and organized. We often talk about accessories for all the other rooms in the house, but what about the bathroom? There is a world of odd and amazing bathroom accessories out there waiting to be discovered by you. You may think that you have it all figured out, but there are some really interesting options out there. This is why we’ve dedicated this article to discovering 6 accessories you didn’t know your bathroom needed.

1. Bathroom Organizer

Bathroom organizers are definitely an accessory you cannot pass on. There are so many options to pick from when installing an over-the-toilet bathroom organizer in particular. This is great because no matter how small your bathroom is, you always have room over the toilet. These organizers can help contain the clutter of the items that are necessities in the bathroom and it also looks great.

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You may have never heard of this one before, but now that you know about it, you’ll soon discover that you simply cannot do without it! There’s nothing more soothing than having your favorite tunes right there with you as you have your bath or shower. Usually you worry about getting your speakers or phone wet, but with the waterproof bluetooth speaker with radio, you can have the music right there with you as you shower, clear as day! You can even leave your laptop or phone outside the bathroom so you don’t risk them getting wet and connect them to the speaker and there you go!

3. Shower Curtains With Pockets

This is one of the coolest ways to organize your bathroom. If you don’t want to install an organizer in the shower because it might take up too much space and you keep bumping into it, then getting a shower curtain that has pockets in it is great, because you can put all your shower essentials right there where you can access them and it looks really cool too.

4. Touchscreen Mirror

You just gotta love technology! You need to have this item in your bathroom because it is beyond cool. There are varieties of the touchscreen mirror that have features such as a backlight for when you want to put your makeup on, a defogging feature which means you no longer have to worry about a fogged up mirror when you step out of your hot shower, and not to mention the fact that you can check the weather forecast as you look into your mirror too!

5. Swing Towel Bars

Swing towel bars are amazing because they don’t take up space and they look extremely classy. These towel bars can hold up to five towels, one on top of the other. This way, you don’t have to worry about cluttering your bathroom by putting one towel on top of the other and getting them all wet and smelly. There are a variety of different looks when it comes to towel bars, and the swinging ones are the most convenient and best looking because it doesn’t take up any space and allows to to hold many towels in one go.

6. Toothbrush Sanitizer

The toothbrush sanitizer is certainly an item that you don’t want to miss out on. It can hold up to two toothbrushes, and once you’re done with brushing your teeth, you place the toothbrush upside down and let the sanitizer do its work. Another advantage is that you’re not exposing the head of the toothbrush so you’re not running the risk of having dirty or bacteria ridden toothbrushes as we do in normal circumstances.

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the whole house, and so we often tend to not worry ourselves too much about what kind of items and accessories might be available to use. The truth is, there are so many convenient and smart creations being made specifically for the bathroom that you definitely need to check out and get in your bathroom. The bathroom no longer needs to be basic and simple. You can style it up by making it look modern and classy. You can also invest in a number of items that will really change the bathroom experience for you and anyone visiting your home! Be it in the way you organize everything or the new smart, exciting and interesting gadgets that keep coming up to take us into the future of bathroom accessories and how they’re going to change the way we use everything in our bathrooms.

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