6 Baby Food Recipes You Should Cook for Your Baby


Are you ready to prepare baby food by yourself at home? If so, Yamo offers the best baby food recipes that you can make at home. It isn’t challenging and can be fun even when you come home from work. If you want to create brilliant baby food, you can steam, puree, and serve it. Once you’ve learned how to make basic purees, you’ll find yourself trying more complicated baby food recipes with more ingredients. Also, you can come up with your taste that you will believe that your baby will love.  How to care for your baby has likely ben on your mind since you first watched him or her on the Fetal Doppler.  

If you decide to prepare food for your baby, you will discover which flavors that your baby likes. You will introduce numerous flavors in different ways without affecting your lifestyle, budget, and thinking about the ingredients. Here is a baby formula preparations guide for your infant.

If you want to make fantastic purees when it comes to baby food recipes, consider healthy, accessible ingredients. Making baby food recipes is easy, and you don’t need to add a lot of sugar in the method. Of course, babies will enjoy sweet food. They are used to breast milk, which has lactose. It is crucial to introduce low sugar foods early so that they can get used to healthy eating.


It is a well-known fact that most millennials love avocados. Also, babies love avocados. Your baby will love avocados if you introduce it too early. Avocados are rich in nutrients, and you will find it exciting to make a puree.

Avocados are excellent for breakfast. They are delicious, tasty, and have the best texture. Also, they have various vitamins and minerals, including iron, folate, potassium, iron, fiber, and vitamin E, which help in brain development. In many cases, babies love avocados. So, it would be best if you made that avocado puree. It is delicious and healthy.


Of course, you have to think about greens. You should begin with green beans so that your baby gets comfortable with veggies. The taste might not be pleasant, but the baby will get used to it.

Green beans have low sugar but rich in fiber and vitamin A. You will find that your baby will not love the green beans initially, but you can add something sweet like yogurt to the green beans. After you’ve given your baby the green beans, you can blend them with carrots if you want the puree to be tasty. Babies must get used to eating foods that are not sweet.


Sweet potatoes that fall into the category of orange vegetables are considered to be healthy. Also, there is pumpkin, papaya, and more. They are rich in fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids, and potassium.

The best thing of all is that babies will enjoy eating them. You can create flavorful recipes with sweet potatoes in several different ways. You can boil, bake, or steam them. Also, you can roast sweet potatoes and then make the puree.


Butternut squash is well-known to be tasty and rich in nutrients. Also, it has fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. If you want to make the butternut squash extra delicious, you can roast it and leave it in the oven for one hour.

After you roast the butternut squash, you can peel the skin. Make sure there is a lot to work with. Always keep in mind the baking tray needs to have extra protection so that it can be easy to clean up.


Not only is avocado fantastic to make puree but also carrot is incredible. Carrot is excellent if you’ve decided to introduce your child to solid foods.

Naturally, carrots are tasty and ideal when you mix it in a puree with green veggies. They can make food more delicious and more convincing. What you need for this recipe is get the carrots, peel them, cook the carrots for 8 minutes, and puree. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and will help enhance eyes and skin. Also, babies will find it easier to digest. They don’t cause allergies.


After the baby is comfortable with eating sweet potatoes and green beans, you can introduce pears. Pears are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. They help in preventing constipation and will boost your child’s immunity.

Pears are ideal when you want to combine them with other meals that the baby may not like—for example, green vegetables. You can also mix with oatmeal. Pear puree is healthy for your baby.

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