6 Basic car maintenance tips

Caring for your vehicle is just like taking care of your health, check your vehicle regularly and if you see more problems, take it to the mechanic. You don’t have to be a mechanic to take care of the car, but you can take good care of your car by keeping these things in mind.  Also you can take advantage of options like Automotive Tinting Solutions as well.

Because even when you resell a well-maintained car you are given a good price.


The parts that operate in the machine are the liquid and water voltage at the hot fluid pressure, working on or around machinery can cause serious injury or even death. Do not try certain things without proper training.  Use the right car lift when you need to lift up the car.

Oil of engine

The most important care of any car is the car engine and its oil that you monitor and regularly. engine oil helps with lubrication of all the mechanical parts inside the engine block.

Be sure to change the engine oil from 4-6 thousand kilometers and clean the engine air filters to keep the engine running seamlessly.

The simplest way to maintain the performance of a vehicle and more is to ask the car mechanic how to test the oil level and how much to add if needed. These are the things you can do to prevent any engine damage.


Many people fill the car’s radiator with water. This is a very common mistake one should try to avoid.

Water intensifies the radiator pipes. turns into steam quicker requiring often and does not provide efficient cooling does.coolant may be expensive. but you don’t need to worry about changing it for at least 70-80 thousand KM.


The most important thing is to check the brake pads of the car and if it is to be replaced then do it because your driving style eliminates brake pads if you drive the car very aggressively the brake pads are faster. Will break if the abdominal breaks are damaged and if they continue to run long periods of time, they will also damage the rotors.

Brake Specialists will tell you to keep in mind that brakes are the only thing that can stop your vehicle so you should check them regularly.

Transmission fluid

Keep changing the transmission fluid as it gets messy over time and if it doesn’t change it affects gear changes it has to be replaced after 40000 km.

Transmission is a critical part of the car, so check to see which transmission fluid will be suitable, such as ATF, CVT.


If you want to protect your car’s paint and make your car shiny, you should be vaccinated every 2-3 months. This keeps your car,s paint elastic and does not dry if you do not vaccinate the car, it will dry the paint slowly and cause cracking, So make sure the car paint is not damaged.

Feel the car operation

When your car is operating normally, we do not notice distraction because we are understanding our car but as soon as you notice something wrong with the car you start to notice. when a new ”feel, vibration, shudder, Jerk, bump or hesitation sets in these all signs that something has changed.

When you find these unusual symptoms in your car, check them with the mechanic immediately and do not delay or may cause major damage.