6 Bathroom Trends in 2021


In tune with the fast pace of real life when even casinos such as PlayAmo are available online, bathroom design preferences are also changing. Brass faucets and shower heads, brightly colored or voluminous tiles, excessive decor and many textures have gone into oblivion. What is important now? These are main bathroom trends in 2021.

Natural Textures

Marble, stone, wood are the basis of the actual bathroom for the coming years. This demand for natural textures is not a coincidence. The lack of nature in front of our eyes is having an effect. We spend most of our time online, and even more so now, when almost a year the whole world sits in isolation, in small apartments away from forests and bodies of water.

Minimalism in Detail

Lots of people in big cities live in small apartments. Tiny living spaces dictate their own terms – more air and functionality, less decor and volume. Hence the trend for built-in faucets, hanging sanitary ware, laconic shelves, mirrors with lighting and convenient bedside tables.

Functional Furniture

A continuation of the previous point. A modern bathroom should be functional without looking cramped. If a cabinet is under the sink, it should be roomy, but not bulky, with convenient drawers for different purposes and preferably hanging. If a mirror, then it is already backlit, if towel rail, then with shelves, if a cabinet-furniture, then integrated into the space and not attracting unnecessary attention.

Creative Tiles

Mosaic panels and full-wall designs in the bathtub and shower areas are a thing of the past. If you want a fashionable accent in the bathroom, you’ll have to think creatively to think about the pattern, combination of colors and types of tiles. And the tiles can be the most common, the same boar. The main thing is the way it is laid and the combination of colors.

More Plants

The bathroom has long ceased to be a room for quick hygiene procedures. It’s a place to relax after a day of work, to restore strength and mental balance. We take evening baths with candles, install sauna or hammam and, of course, add green plants to its interior, which not only enliven the interior, but also have a positive effect on our mood and reduce stress levels.

Bathroom Is a Part of the Interior

Small spaces make it necessary to erase the boundaries of rooms and allocate functional areas. Firstly, it saves meters, and secondly, it adds air. The bathroom is also no exception, and privacy is a relative concept. So, why limit the space with blank walls? By the way, in the best hotels, this trend has long been used.

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