6 Best Apps for Contractors Building Homes in 2021


As we head further into the future, contractors of the construction industry are continuously relying on building construction apps. But why is that exactly? It’s because these apps allow builders, electricians, plumbers, painting contractors and other important subcontractors to manage their jobs efficiently and quickly while also saving on time and money.

So in 2021 and beyond, here are some of the finest apps for contractors available today:

Home Building Apps for Contractors

1. ezClocker

ezClocker is a simple to use job site time clock app and scheduling software for small businesses. Ideal solution for construction companies with crew members who work at different job sites. Each employee can use their own phone to clock in/out and a GPS location is captured so the employer can verify the worker was at the correct location.

 You can also add tasks in the note section of the employees’ schedules so your workers have it handy when their shift starts. Other features ezClocker offers is the jobs list feature where it allows you to assign jobs to employees so when they clock in they can pick the job they are working on which helps with labor job costing.

2. Bridgit Bench

We’ll start our list with the top-most construction app available today, Bridgit Bench. It’s a cloud-based resource planning solution to allow users to plan any construction project, manage workforces remotely, do workforce scheduling, assign tasks, check for employee availability, collect doable insights, and so much more. This program streamlines collaboration and allows teams to work in cohesion and flexibly to manage shifting project needs.

Using Bridgit Bench, construction companies can keep track of tasks and projects and view what kind of impact certain changes can have on performance and productivity. The tools available for workforce optimization help users comfortably view their employees’ past, ongoing, and future workload so they can distribute their tasks evenly to ensure that there aren’t any clashes or overlapping.

Managers can view every member of their team’s current tasks from a bird’s-eye view and see which of them are stacked with responsibilities and which of them are vacant for future projects. The Gantt chart feature helps with scheduling projects and tasks, and users can develop custom allocations based on labor requirements. You’ll find that when compared to Microsoft Excel, Bridgit Bench offers a handful of better features and benefits.

3. Site Diary

Site diary is one of the best apps for contractors when it comes to keeping track of whatever goes on in a building project. There’s no harm in maintaining a regular site diary or a journal to track construction projects on the field. However, writing on pieces of paper means that they are highly vulnerable to physical damage. And there are moments where you don’t even have a pen or pencil to write things down on short notices.

Using Site Diary can help save up to 60 minutes a day compared to when we use a regular site diary for the job. It comes with an easy-to-use template/forum that provides users with just about everything they need in the palm of their hands. Besides that, the app’s cloud sync technology helps us create reports where the information is synchronized with other team members right there and then.

4. Timeero

Are you keeping track of all your construction responsibilities while also ensuring that you’re aware of the project’s deadline? Sometimes, people can be overwhelmed with how much time they lose track of becoming too involved with their duties. That’s exactly why Timeero has come to our rescue.

Timeero is a GPS-operated app that keeps track of clocking in and clocking out as well as an employee’s GPS location. Since locations are recorded, along with the time, employers know exactly where their workers are in real-time.

Arguably the biggest advantage that we found using Timeero during construction is ensuring we don’t go over budget for various projects and add a higher degree of accountability.

5. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Previously known as Sage Timberline Office, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is a construction management app that provides functionally for cost estimating, takeoff, document management, project management, service operations service management and accounting.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate offer enormous accounting functionality. Users come across typical accounting modules like general ledger, accounts payable, payroll processing and accounts receivable, and other industry-specific capabilities. Construction company users will have access to functions such as job costing, material management, subcontractor compliance, and AIA/item billing.

6. All-in-one Calculator Free

If you’re looking for one of the best apps for construction that’s also free, then you can’t go wrong with All-In-One Construction Free. It is available for grabs on Android, and per its title, it can perform a wide range of construction-based calculations. It can also perform currency and unit conversions and calculate volumes, percentages, proportions, and areas. The All-In-One Calculator Free is 75 unit converters and calculators all mashed into one. Because it’s free, you may come across ads within this app. But rest assured they aren’t that intrusive.

If you were expecting to use this app on your iPhone, then you’re going to be disappointed. Instead, we suggest you try Carpenter’s Helper Lite to take care of every unit calculation you want. With it, you’ll be able to calculate roof pitch, rafter lengths, stair lengths, and much more. It even has a quick job feature allowing you to calculate products like drywall, flooring, painting, and fencing.

7. Magicplan

Normally, making floor plans can be a monotonous and tedious endeavor, especially when you don’t have the right tools for the job. Thankfully, Magicplan is the answer you’ve been looking for. With this app, you can use your mobile device to capture a room and transform it into a 2-D floor plan or any other kind of model. Other than mapping, users can create questionnaires and estimates that they can send over to their clients.

For a more immersive feel, the app includes augmented reality, which makes it an ideal tool for construction workers and realtors. So if you’ve had it getting your paper floor plans mixed up or lost, you be sure to keep this app at the back of your mind.

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