6 Best Gifts For Disney Loving Mom


The World of Disney holds an endless charm for both kids and adults and we all love those classic Disney movies. This world of magical shows, cute characters, and dizzying rides continue to serve as the ultimate destination for many people. It is also the proverbial happy place where visitors set aside their worries and indulge in unbridled entertainment.

Moms are no exception when it comes to Disneyland. They love visiting this amazing world, whether on their own or with their families. In fact, a ticket to Disney is one of the most sought-after gifts for moms.

But apart from the coveted ticket, moms also love Disney themed gifts. Today, we have compiled the six best gifts for moms who love anything to do with this fantastic world.

Let’s begin.

1. Disney Tote

Disney Tote

Moms will not fail to appreciate a tote that looks great and is practical. Whether for shopping, a day out on a beach with friends, or taking the kids for a picnic, a tote will come very handy.

This Disney themed tote will make a fantastic gift for your mom. It is made of polyester canvas, has double straps and a top zip closure. An inner zip pocket for storing knick-knacks is also available.

And the best part? You can choose from different characters, including Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Goofy & Pluto, and Donald! It also comes at an unbeatable price.

2. Disney diaper bags

Disney diaper bags

Diaper bags are a mom’s best friend and accessory. If she has a small child, a mom will never leave the house without it. So what better way to make her smile than to gift her Disney diaper bag?  It can also be a great option as Bridesmaid gifts as well.

Check out these beloved disney diaper bags from Bluebirdbaby. These Mickey Mouse bag comes with nine pockets, which is great for storage. With adjustable shoulder straps, your mom will love carrying this bag everywhere. It is made of polyester, so it is easy to clean and also ranks high on durability. The design is also stylish, so it can double as a backpack, just in case.

3. Alice in Wonderland Tumbler

Alice in Wonderland Tumbler

For a mom who loves to show off her Disney stuffs, a tumbler is a great way to display her love. What makes a great gift is how practical the item is, and of course, the thought that went behind it. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a tumbler for a gift.

This Alice in Wonderland themed tumbler is a great choice. It is insulated so your Disney loving mom can use it for hot as well as cold drinks. Other notable features are BPA free materials, microwave, and dishwasher friendly. The Disney tumbler comes in different capacities as well.

4. Olaf Waffle Maker 

Olaf Waffle Maker

Everyone, young and old, loves waffles. And when it comes in the shape of Disney’s beloved character, it makes it even more interesting.

This Olaf Waffle Maker from Disney is the perfect way to make your mom smile. It features non-stick cooking plates and a stainless steel body. It makes five parts of waffles at once, which reduces the cooking time.

The rubber feet of the waffle maker prevent it from slipping while the snowflake power light adds a touch of magic every time it is plugged in.

5. Minnie Mouse Baseball cap

Minnie Mouse Baseball cap

A baseball cap that your mom can wear while outside makes an excellent gift. Some Disney themed caps come with ears and horns, which can be little costume like and childish.

But not this one. This Minnie Mouse baseball cap has a simple design, which is great. It is made of 100% cotton, so it is breathable. The adjustable straps are also a great feature. Embroidered Minnie Mouse in the front takes center stage on the cap. It comes in back and pink colors, which add to its charm.

6. Disney All-Star Makeup Mirror

Disney All-Star Makeup Mirror

Every woman loves a good and compact makeup mirror. And this compact double-sided mirror is an excellent choice. The frame is stainless steel, and the mirror is premium quality. It can be folded and fitted into any bag, which is a fantastic feature.

However, the best part is the top. It is adorned with all the characters from Disney. This makes it an ideal gift for a mom who loves Disneyworld.

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