6 Brilliant Floor Tile Options To Stylise Your Home

Floor tiles are the perfect way to add personality and pizzazz to a room. Not only do they provide a clean, fresh look, but they also offer durability and affordability. There is a wide variety of floor tile options available that allow you to change your space from boring to fabulous in no time at all. This blog will cover six brilliant floor tile options for your home, including terrazzo tiles Adelaide.

Opera White

Opera White is a high gloss finish that gives any room an elegant, modern feel. With its contemporary look and subtle sheen, this floor tile option will never go out of style. It is also resistant to stains, which can be the perfect solution for areas where family members are constantly spilling drinks or making messes.

This tile can be installed anywhere inside or outside with no fear of cracking or breaking because it’s made out of vitrified porcelain material. Vitrification means there are glass-like particles in the clay, which give it strength while also protecting against water damage. 

Hudson Carrara

The Carrara tile is perfect for creating a timeless, classic look that’s guaranteed to last. The key feature of this material is its natural resistance to staining, so even if liquid spills occur on the surface, they will not soak into the pores like other types of stone might.

Maintaining your Hudson Carrara tiles couldn’t be easier because water damage from cracks caused by frost heaves won’t happen, which means these floors are long-lasting and durable! 

This type of flooring is also water-resistant, which means you can clean it with a damp cloth or use high-powered hoses to remove any messes.

Retro Series

Retro Series is a perfect fit for those looking to make their room look more vintage and chic. This type of floor tile has a back-to-front pattern that gives it character while also being resistant to scratching, tearing, chipping, or breaking, which means you can install this material in high-traffic areas with no problem.

The Retro Series option comes in white, so as soon as the installation process is finished, your room will have instant style without spending too much money on expensive features like furniture and decorating costs.

This type of flooring is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations with no fear of cracking or discolouration from harsh sunlight because vitrification protects against water damage and heat.

Terrazzo Bianco

If you’re looking to give your room a sleek, modern feel, then the Terrazzo Bianco floor tile is perfect for you. With its polished look and easy installation process, this material is guaranteed to be a head-turner with just one glance.

This type of tile can withstand any foot traffic from children and adults, so it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like living rooms or dining spaces. The best part about this option is that it’s waterproof, which means spills won’t stick on the surface thanks to porcelain materials used in production. 

Since water only beads off instead of soaking into pores, there isn’t anything left behind after cleaning up any accidents, meaning these tiles are stain-resistant.

Precious Travertine

The Precious Travertine is a white marble-like tile with hints of grey or black veins running through the material, giving it depth and character. 

This tile is perfect for those who want a classic, timeless look reminiscent of the Roman Empire. With their rich earthy hues and natural style, these tiles will never go out of vogue, so you can enjoy them year after year without having to worry about breaking or damaging your floor.

Porcelain does not need varnish or polyurethane sealant to protect against water damage like other types do, so this makes them long-lasting and durable! This option doesn’t require much maintenance either, as you only have to wipe down these tiles with a damp cloth when dirty or use high powered hoses for tougher stains.

Precious Travertine also happens to be stain resistant, but if there are any spills, it shouldn’t be an issue because the porcelain material is water-resistant.

Timber Tiles

Timber tiles are a great option for those who want to create the look of an old wood floor or give their space some character with its natural, textured finish. The material is made of ceramic which makes it resistant to scuffing and scratches, so you can install this type in high-traffic areas without issue. 

The timber tiles design has texture on one side and features a glossy surface that’s easy to clean because water beads off instead of soaking into pores like other types might. These tiles aren’t as heavyweight either, so they’re easier to install than their stone counterparts! They don’t need any sealant or varnish applied before installation, making them quick and less expensive.

Keep in mind that flooring is always a personal preference, and the best option for your home will depend on what you’re looking to achieve.