6 Brilliant Ideas to Decorate Your Walls


Let’s admit it nobody likes to live in a plain dull house. While decorating their home, most people mainly pay attention to furniture, leaving a blank wall behind. Your place won’t look complete without decorating the walls. Fresh paint on your wall can add a little balance to your house. If you genuinely want to transform the room, treat the blank walls as your canvas to display your creativity. You can tell your life stories through these walls and let your guests know you as a person and also you can choose wall art painting for your room. Converting your bare bland wall to a remarkable piece of art can make your place look chic and homey. Regardless of your decorative approach, there are thousands of possibilities to spruce up your dull walls.

Are you afraid of decorating your wall because it will cause you a fortune? No worries, look at the following ideas to make your walls look energizing and visually appealing.

1. Create a gallery wall

Do you want to give your wall a unique and quirky look while keeping your memories alive? Then creating a gallery wall is the perfect solution. You can display various memorable pictures on your walls, such as childhood photos, graduation moments, family gatherings, or any other beautiful memory. An essential tip is to select frames that go along with the wall color. Your frame-stand must be robust to hold your pictures in place. For uniformity, choose symmetrical design frames to give your room a classical look. In this way, you can creatively install a gallery wall at a low cost.

2. Place map design

Do you love traveling or have a strong desire to travel? Decorating your wall with a map can be the perfect solution for you. You can include a specific place, city, or even the whole world on your map. Decorate your wall with a map print to add freshness to your wall space and capture the attention of your guests. Putting a map can help you teach your kids about geography. You can also tailor these maps according to your need to enhance your walls. However, choosing the right color that suits your room décor is essential—decorating your wall with a map is a simplistic and affordable idea.

3. Paint murals

Let your art transport you to another world. Creating a mural is one of the best ideas to decorate your wall. You can transform your wall into a fascinating view by painting your imagination or inspiration. You can even paint your favorite scene from a movie to make your wall look cool. You have the freedom to pick colors, shapes, and designs to paint murals on your wall. There are different types of sheens available to choose from for your painting. Avoid using satin and semi-gloss sheens because they are excessively shiny and would make your wall look hideous. Eggshell sheen is recommendable for mural painting on the wall.

4. Set up shelves

Are you habitual of just tossing the things around your house and realize it afterward to put them back at their respective places? Your home demands attention and organization. By installing shelves on your wall, you can keep things safe and not let them be scattered anywhere. Not only will it make room for extra space, but it will also change your simple wall to a fantastic view. You can take advantage of the walls higher than neck-level and store your collection. The plus point of doing this is that you can keep your essential possessions out of children’s reach. Wall shelves can be a good option, too; however, be cautious during the drilling process.

5. Put up ceramic plates

Have you stored porcelain bowls and plates in your cupboards? It’s time to take them out and put them to proper use. The ideal place to show off the fine china and porcelain dinnerware is either lounge or dining halls. These plates add beauty to your house, especially if there is an event or a party. Apart from dishes, you can put up potteries and jugs to enhance the interior design. Since these are delicate artwork, therefore, take extra care while installing them. If you wish to hang them, make sure that you have used strong chords for constant support. Moreover, you can paint the ceramic plates with vibrant colors to give them an appealing effect. Remember to display these plates in a symmetrical order to ensure swift eye movement.

6. hang mirrors

If you think that the mirror’s purpose is only to check yourself out, you are wrong. Mirrors are the perfect decoration items and add aesthetic effect to your home. Dangling up mirrors on the wall will make the guests pay special attention to your decoration. Aside from increasing the amount of light, these mirrors also give the feeling of additional space. While selecting the mirror for your interior decoration, be mindful to choose only those with a wooden framework. Such mirrors have high endurance capability and last longer. A pro tip is to add mirrors in the entrance wall to give a pleasant effect whenever you enter your home.


A home is a safe place where you relax after having a long and tiring day. Walk around the house and take a quick look to evaluate areas that require improvement. Undeniably, the walls will quickly come into view as we rarely worry about decorating them. Pick out any ideas among these and start trying them out. With the help of wall decoration ideas, you can change the appearance of your home into a breath-taking view in no time.


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