6 Cannabis-Infused Travel Experiences That Will Put You in High Spirits

Through global legalization efforts and a general acceptance of flower, cannabis tourism has exploded. As of 2021, over 18 states in the U.S. have legalized the recreational use of herb, and dozens of countries support the stoner lifestyle. Visiting these stoner-friendly places is a worthy endeavor, especially if you’re looking to experience a green adventure. Whether you are a first-time smoker or a veteran herb enthusiast, a flower-filled vacation is the trip of a lifetime. 

Are you looking for an international cannabis experience? Perhaps a stateside tasting of various strains is more your speed. Wherever your wanderlust calls, these six cannabis-infused experiences will put you in high spirits. 

Preparing for the trip ahead 

Herb-inclusive vacations require more planning than the average adventure. Before you pack your bags and head to the airport, you should thoroughly research your destination. Start by ensuring the state or city has legalized the green herb, then locate the most flower-friendly spots. 

Popular destinations include Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Denver. Once you’ve settled on a location, it’s time to nail down accommodation. You can easily find hotels or Airbnbs that allow smoking in cities where green tourism is widespread, and some even offer complimentary bud. Should you fail to book the proper housing, prepare for the lows of legal trouble to sour your highs. 

Finally, the last step in preparing for your trip is packing all the essentials. To avoid making unnecessary purchases, seasoned smokers should pack their dab rigs for the journey. To safely travel with your trusty dab rig, make sure to thoroughly clean with an isopropyl solution. Store in an appropriate case, and don’t forget to leave the torch at home. 

Visit a cannabis farm in Oregon

There aren’t many pairings that compare to cannabis and Mother Nature. Exploring the great outdoors is undoubtedly more vivid and exciting when Mary Jane is at your side. Camping on a flower farm, like HipCamp’s Oregon location, is the ultimate infused outdoor adventure. The West Coast location features glamping at its best, complete with cannabis gift baskets and outdoor spa areas. If you are traveling on a budget, the farm offers free plots to pitch a tent in exchange for lending a hand in the herbal gardens. 

Take a toke-friendly tour in Denver

If you are looking to improve your herb knowledge, take an educational tour in the emerald city itself. Denver has been offering cannabis tours long before they hit mainstream entertainment. Sign up with 420-friendly tours for a curated experience offering everything from sushi and joint rolling courses to infused massages. They even offer all-inclusive packages that cover walking tours of the city, visits to cannabis farms, and lodging at 420-friendly hotels. 

Attend a Los Angeles high tea 

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party. Located throughout Los Angeles, the White Rabbit High Tea throws whimsical private events. You’ll have to sign up for a free membership to get notifications about parties, but you can also register to host your own. Luxurious and unique, high tea parties offer the latest and greatest cannabis consumables. From delectable edibles to potent concentrates, you can purchase high-grade herb straight out of a fairytale. 

Explore Amsterdam’s coffeehouse culture

Amsterdam is the center of the herbal community in Europe, and for a good reason. Their iconic flower-based coffeehouses are the perfect spot to spend a smoky afternoon. With over 250 licensed locations, you can buy luxurious bud strains and light up on the site. Sign up for local tours of coffee shops for an in-depth tour, and learn about the history of bud along the way. 

Let experts lead the way in Vancouver 

Canada has a robust herbal community, especially in Vancouver, where you can light up anywhere smoking tobacco is allowed. The city offers endless opportunities for 420-friendly adventures, and a tour with professionals like Canada High Tours enables you to experience the best. Work with their experienced local tour guides to personalize your own authentic trip. Choose from events like five-course infused meals and walking tours of the city’s graffiti murals. 

Final thoughts 

Global cannabis tourism will continue to grow as adventurers travel to green destinations. With so many 420-friendly cities, you can experience the world through a unique lens. So whether you’re taking a road trip to a stateside campsite or jet setting to a coffee shop in Amsterdam, you are bound to have a trip of a lifetime.