6 Cheap or Free Platforms for Essay Editing

Writing an essay can be nerve-racking and even depressing sometimes. Spending countless hours adjusting your thoughts to suit the requirements of the assignment isn’t that enjoyable. No wonder many students look for a professional write paper service to help them out. But while such services are really useful, not everyone wants to trust their homework to someone else.

That’s why there are so many sites whose goal is to help you edit your essay on your own. Some may look for grammatical errors while others hint you about inappropriate word usage. And while the number of such platforms increases with each day, we decided to make a list of the best ones.


This is one of the most popular and well-known platforms. Grammarly comes in the most convenient form there is – a browser extension. Of course, a desktop application is available, too. But who wants to download and launch a separate app if the extension works in real time in the browser.

But enough about its form. What’s more important is the numerous features of Grammarly. Firstly, as already mentioned, it works automatically while a user is typing. It scans the writing for mistakes and gives suggestions. All of them come with an explanation so that you always know why something is wrong. And the list of the things it can help you with is stunning:

  • Word choice
  • Wordy sentences
  • Grammatical errors
  • Syntax errors
  • Punctuation
  • Incomplete sentences
  • And many others!

So, Grammarly can be called the ultimate essay editing helper. But even after the assignment is all done, and you’re scrolling through random web pages, it still can be useful. Any unknown word one encounters on any page can be double-clicked and Grammarly will show the definition of it or suggest synonyms if needed. Isn’t that cool?

Hemingway Editor

While keeping the text clear of errors, there is still another important aspect to consider. The readability of writing, that is. Students often try to overcomplicate their essays with huge sentences and obscure word usage. The reasons are understandable. They want to show off their knowledge and impress teachers.

However, it results in quite the opposite. Eventually, these attempts make the text unreadable. But is there a way to know how readable the text is? That’s when the Hemingway Editor comes into play.

This online platform checks your essay and gives it a readability rating. The higher the rating, the less understandable your text is. It highlights such things as hard-to-read sentences, excessive adverb or passive tense usage, and phrases that have better alternatives. It’s simple to use, too. One needs to paste their writing into the blank sheet and the site will do the rest. Alternatively, you can write the whole thing in Hemingway from the very beginning.

Cliche Finder

We all love to use common phrases and well-known quotes sometimes. But they aren’t that welcome in essays. Overusing cliches can make your text read unique and genuine. it also makes it look amateurish and won’t leave a good impression about your writing style. But the problem is people rarely even pay attention to cliches. They just don’t notice them.

Cliche finder removes the need to even think about it. It will do the work for you. Go to the site, paste the text, and cliche finder will do what its name suggests – find cliches and highlight them. It’s as simple as that. But not any less important nonetheless.


The same problem that happens with cliches is relevant to some words people simply like. Humans usually have some sets of words that they like to use more often than others. And of course, nobody realizes that they do.

Wordcounter works just like any other platform on this list. You paste the text and it gives you an analysis. The analysis this site provides is the word usage. It provides a breakdown of excessive repetition of some words and suggests when they can be replaced or removed. Don’t get too carried away, though. Some papers may require you to use certain terms often.


Robot Don

Okay, now that we’re dealt with the common text issues, let’s get into the more specific ones that impact only essays. The assignments always have a certain topic. A concept a student needs to elaborate on, explain it, or express their own thoughts about it. That’s why assignments exist in the first place.

Yet, they still have requirements that need to be met. And following these guidelines is always important. That’s the reason Robot Don exists. This online helper can automatically check an essay and decide whether it meets these requirements. The relevance to the topic, the style, and readability suggestions.

This platform is pretty unique, as there aren’t many competitors. Almost nobody except Robot Don can proudly say that they can grade how well writing corresponds to the topic. Consider it as an online AI professor that gives you helpful hints and helps you understand how to write better.


Speaking about requirements, the absence of plagiarisms is one of them. Can’t receive good grades by copying and pasting all the information found on the internet, right? Teachers always check essays for plagiarism, and so should you. Yes, there are many services to help with this matter.

But Quetext beats them all. Its search engine is just superior to the competitors. Quetext does a deep scan of the web to provide you with the most accurate result possible. If this site showed that there aren’t any plagiarisms in your text, then it’s the truth. And of course, all the sources of similar phrases are provided too.

Summing Up

There are plenty of other sites and services on the internet that can help with essay editing. But even this list is enough to improve your performance and make writing a much more pleasant experience. And don’t forget how many new things you can learn from services like these. Because there will be many errors at first. But you’ll become better with time and eventually will be able to do everything yourself.