6 Common Property Renter Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


In Australia, about 8% of households pay rent each month. The number of renters in the country has steadily increased since 2016, especially among citizens under the age of 30.

While renting removes some burdens of home ownership, it can also come with its own unique problems. It’s crucial to understand the basics before looking for different types of property to rent.

The following guide will explore 6 common property renter mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Not Understanding Bills

Remember that you’ll likely have common property bills on top of your monthly rent. Some agreements cover a few utilities, but landlords often want you to pay for other fees like parking and using a renters insurance company.

Talking to your landlord upfront is the best way to identify extra fees before signing an agreement. Once you add up the extra expenses, you can budget accordingly and avoid surprises later on.

2. Not Recording Existing Damages

You won’t get your security deposit back when you move out if your landlord finds damages that need repairs. However, some of the damages they find might have existed well before you moved in.

Always document any existing damages before you move in to prove that you didn’t cause them.

3. Not Researching Properties

Don’t jump at the first place you find or go with the cheapest option before doing some in-depth research. You want to make sure you get essential property amenities before signing on the dotted line.

Create a checklist of your needs and eliminate properties that don’t fit your criteria. Even landlords must research properties ahead of time using a site like ipswichrealestate.com.au to determine how much to charge.

You can use the same method as landlords to ensure you don’t overpay for a particular property.

4. Not Recording Payments

Avoid paying your rent in cash at the rental office because it doesn’t create any documentation. If there isn’t a record of your payment, a landlord might ask you to pay again.

Use checks, online payments, or bank transfers instead so that you create a paper trail.

5. Ignoring Bad Reviews

Most rental properties have reviews from past and current tenants online. Make sure to learn about their experiences before signing an agreement.

If you find that tenants usually aren’t satisfied, it’s best to move on to another property. If you can’t find much information online, speak directly with local community groups and ask members how they feel about the rental.

6. Not Reporting Issues

If you’ve already moved in and you’re experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to report them to the landlord. After all, not having to deal with broken appliances and other repairs is a huge perk of renting compared to owning.

Also, not reporting issues could lead to bigger damages that you’re liable for down the line.

Avoiding Common Property Renter Mistakes

Now you have 6 excellent ways to prevent common property renter mistakes. Remember this guide to enjoy the best living situation possible without any unforeseen issues.

Take a look around the rest of our site for other helpful home-living tips and information.

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