6 Decorating Tips for Large Walls


Do you have a large, bare wall in your home? If you answered “yes,” then you may be wondering how to decorate it. A large wall is a blank canvas, and you have the opportunity to personalize the space and make it a standout feature.

Obviously, there are a number of ways to create a new makeover of a large wall — and the option(s) you choose will depend on your unique tastes. To get you started, here is a list of inspirational ideas:

1. Artwork

When you need to fill a bigger area, doubling your artwork will give your room the wow factor you are looking for. Fine art pairs are available in different styles, and if you purchase artwork from Minted you are supporting talented independent artists!

Whether you want a set of matching prints or a contrasting duo, there is something available to suit every wall. The right artwork will be admired by your guests and make your home feel inviting.  Be sure to look for great fashion wall art as well.

2. Modern Wallpaper

Interior designers often use wallpaper to give their clients a sophisticated feature wall. While the design possibilities are endless, patterns are always a popular choice. Wallpaper comes in a range of textures and colors. Fabric and embossed options are in fashion right now due to their textured finish.

3. Oversized Mirrors

Mirrors will give your large wall a touch of glamor, and an oversized version will have a big impact, as it will make the room feel more spacious. Your mirror could be modern, classic, vintage, or rustic, and the perfect choice will complement the style of your home. Gold, silver, white, patterned, and wooden frames are all popular choices.

4. Floating Shelves

You can never have enough storage, and floating shelves can be a practical design feature for a large wall. Long shelves can span the entire width of the wall, or smaller shelves can be placed in a strategic pattern. Try to fill your shelves with items that fit together. For example, your accessories could use a similar color scheme or be part of a theme such as beachy, retro, or shabby chic.

5. Natural Greens

Indoor plants will give your room a calm, natural feel. Stick with low maintenance lush greens, ensuring they are positioned right to get enough sunlight. Alternatively, you can create a vertical indoor garden by attaching pots to the wall and filling them with a mix of green varieties. If you’re renting or prefer something semi-permanent, look for freestanding panels or stands that can be placed against the wall. You can also use traditional pots with tall plants.

6. Hanging Rugs

Rugs aren’t just for the floor! Hanging rugs work well as a feature due to their intricate patterns and textures. If you’re opting for a rug instead of a tapestry, you’ll need to be careful. Rugs are generally heavy and should be mounted on a strong, horizontal pole to avoid damaging your paintwork. Rugs should be hung with the right orientation, and you should choose a style that looks like art, rather than carpet.

Decorating Your Large Wall

If you have a large wall, now is the time to decorate it! Consider hanging fine art pairs to give your home a sophisticated touch, or add green plants to bring the outdoors inside. For those looking for more storage space, floating shelves are another great option. Alternatively, hanging rugs, wallpaper, and oversized mirrors will create a unique finish.

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